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This is a guest post by Scott Hersh.

Do you ever feel like your blog posts are getting to be the same old content that has already appeared on all of the other blogs in your niche?  If you are starting to feel that way, then your readers surely are, too.  Here are some sure-fire ways of zapping some extra spice into your blog.

  1. Get excited to write.  When you write a blog posts just in order to force yourself to stay with it, your readers can tell, and when you are excited to tell your readers about something awesome, they can tell.  If you don’t have something great to write, look around for more content.  Once you come up with some new and awesome ideas, the words will flow from your fingertips.
  2. Don’t just rewrite articles, because your heart won’t be in it, Google won’t give you the time of day, and your readers probably won’t really care either.  Attacking subject matter from a unique angle will make your blog shine.
  3. Collect Wow-worthy statements to use as content.  Scour the Internet for awesome facts that make you jump up and say, “Wow, I didn’t know that.”  Those are the facts that will pique interest, and those are the facts that will differentiate you as a truly awesome blogger.  Also, if you have access to accurate information from offline sources, by all means use them, too.  Then, instead of developing one blog post around one Wow-worthy statement, throw in a bunch of them, and keep your readers on their toes.
  4. Write- Sleep-then Post.  It happens to me so often. I write a blog post that I think is on par with Pulitzer prize winning novels one day, but upon reading it the next day, I discover a fair share of logical fallacies, grammatical errors, or plain old poor style.  I have found that even when I am sure that a post is ready to be beamed up to cyberspace, I always find room for improvement after sleeping on it.
  5. Jazz up the title.  I don’t understand why so many bloggers get this one wrong.  With a catchy title you can get readers drooling over your content.  For example, consider the difference between the titles, “How to Blog Well” vs. “Killer Blogging Strategies-5 Great Tips” (BTW that’s the name of this post).  You can see the difference.  One of the titles will supercharge your readers to the point that they will hungrily devour a few paragraphs before remembering to breath, while the other will have them drooling in their sleep.

I too was trained to write in ways that takes away all of the fun of expression.  But, through years of blogging, I learned to change that.  As bloggers, our job is much more than to provide accurate content for our readers, our job is to entertain.  If you look at what blog posts get the most tweets and likes, then you will probably agree that for a post to be “blog worthy” material, it needs to be entertaining as well as informative.

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Scott Hersh is a business blogger for the official blog of BCA:  leaders in merchant cash advances.

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