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This is a guest post by Rachel Hyun Kim.

If you’re a prolific guest blogger, you probably have a deep understanding of how blogs work. However, understanding what to do after guest blogging and following through are two different things. Guest bloggers often forget to maintain their old posts, often missing out on potential benefits and future prospects. Don’t quickly move on to the next guest blogging opportunity; instead, make sure that you stay updated after the post is live.

5 Tips on Post Guest Blogging

The guest blogger’s responsibilities are not over once they send the article off for review. The following tips can ensure that the guest blogger maintains good relationships with both readers and the host blog.

1. Spread through Social Media

Once the post goes live, it is recommended that guest bloggers promote the article through all their social media channels. Spreading the article will increase the amount of readers and visitors, increasing both the blog and the writer’s influence. By actively promoting the blog post, guest bloggers show that they are dedicated and grateful to the blog, giving blog editors a good impression.

2. Respond to Reader Comments

A common request, many blog owners ask that guest bloggers respond to reader comments for the following days after a post is live. However, it may be difficult to keep track of various articles, especially if the guest blogger has a number of live blog posts. One tip for guest bloggers is to subscribe to reader comments, giving them email notifications of when a comment has been made on a site. By responding to reader comments, guest bloggers show that the relationship is more than a one-time affair.

3. Linking

One of the best ways to increase the influence of the blog is to both internally and externally link the guest post. Linking internally will show readers that you have an established relationship with the blog, increasing the credibility of the blog post. On the other hand, external links will further promote the blog, as well as provide the blog with SEO benefits. By using both, guest bloggers are able to spread the blog’s influence as well as increase the visibility of their guest post.

4. Engage Readers Further

While responding to comments and spreading through social media, the guest blogger may gain some reaction from his or her readers. Make sure that you respond to these reactions, instead of simply ignoring them. If a user retweets your article, thank them back. If they ask a question, make sure that you answer it directly. However, stay away from the problem that commonly arises with telemarketing tactics, and pestering readers for a response. By keeping readers reasonably engaged, the guest poster can keep the audience as interested as possible.

5. Keep in Touch

Once the guest blogger has established a relationship with the blog, it is important to maintain that connection. Following up is one of the most important tips; yet many guest bloggers fail to follow this important task. However, keeping in touch with the blogger will ensure future guest posting opportunities, along with potential advantages and connections. Make sure that you keep in touch, in order to maintain your network of contacts.

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