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Five blogging tools to help you stay in the know

This is a guest post by Jane Johnson.

If you’re a blogger, now days that could mean you’re anything from a hobbyist with a home computer to a business owner hoping to promote your products or services. Anyone and everyone can blog, which is what’s so great about the blogging platform. However, if you blog you probably already know that there are a ton of smart phone applications available that’ll help you get the job done a lot more quickly and efficiently right on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or various other mobile devices.

In my opinion, no blogger can do without the following five apps, which all help enable quick and easy blog posts, photo editing, user analytic data, and even more blog traffic. Here are my picks for top five mobile applications for bloggers:

1. WordPress (Free – for Android)

If you own one of the top Android phones you’ve probably already noticed the hundreds of blog content management tools at your disposal. However, the WordPress app is the best as far as I’m concerned. This core blogging tool transcends various mobile platforms, and its universal popularity, simple interface, set-up, and template configuration can be handled by pretty much anybody on the planet (even if you’re not technical). Plus, the evident bonus is that WordPress themes can be customized with your company logo, brand, and preferred images and colors to suit the tone and style of your blog and your personality.

2. Google Analytics ($6.99 – for iPhone)

Google Analytics is a must if you’re running any kind of blog. This app will help you discover who is actually reading your blog posts, how many site visits and page views you are getting, and where your visitors are coming from…and that’s just scraping the surface of what Google Analytics can tell you. Data concerning your blog traffic and statistics will tell you which blog posts are the most popular among your readers so you can cater future content to your readers’ interests and ensure a spike in traffic.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express (Free – for Android)

If you blog (or excel at writing), that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re skilled at photo editing. I know I’m not! That’s why a photo editing app like Adobe Photoshop Express is ideal for mobile bloggers, so they can make quick tweaks to photos before attaching them to their blog posts. This way, you’re photos look professional—even though your design skills might not be. Use this app to edit pictures snapped with your mobile phone in seconds, and be confident that you’re attaching a quality image to your posts.

4. Byline ($2.99 – for iPhone)

I blog every day, so it makes sense that I’m oftentimes a little low on inspiration for exhilarating blog posts. The Byline app can remedy that by providing the latest and greatest news from your preferred websites and blogs in one central location. The great thing about this app is that it works even when you’re offline (you can even view embedded images offline). Choose your news sources by subscribing to the websites and blogs you’d like to keep dibs on, and Byline will automatically sync and deliver you new content via RSS and Atom feeds right to your smart phone. You can navigate between hundreds of news items with a simple swipe gesture to gain inspiration for your own blog when you have writer’s block.

5. Twitter (Free – for Android)

If you blog, you probably use social networks like Twitter to drive traffic to your latest blog posts. Well the Twitter app gives you that same short burst of timely information from your mobile device. So you can time your blog posts to intersect with whatever real-time news is breaking online. You can also use Twitter to monitor trending topics around the world and get your opinion out there. Use Twitter to customize your interests, monitor users in several categories (such as your competition, industry experts, or your own mentions), and keep track of industry events.

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Jane Johnson is a writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone related news, commentary, reviews on popular providers like T-Mobile.


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