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This is a guest post by Nancy Abernathy.

Writing is a lot like acting. Imagine being cast as the ingénue. You are a bit flirtatious and coquettish. You bounce around blithely on the stage. Your voice is more soprano. These would be some of the techniques used to let the audience know what kind of person you are. Now, you are cast in another role. This time you are a vixen. You are dark and conniving. Your walk with a swagger. You are seductive and secretive. The same actress can play both roles and many more, which is precisely what the writer does – especially a freelance writer.

As a writer, you can appear to have any number of attitudes. If you are writing an educational article, you will want to portray confidence and extensive knowledge. If you are blogging about baking, you might choose to play the mommy. If you are doing a guest post on a blog about carpentry, you could decide to talk about building a set of bookcases or a kitchen table using your own personal experience. Like the actor, the freelance writer can portray many characters and wear many costumes.

In my own case, I have been reading since I was about four or five. A good writer reads and, boy, do I love to read. I have been writing since about eighth grade. That was about the time I started to get creative and use words to accomplish something, as opposed to just completing requirements for a grade. I discovered that writing is the most magical of costumes. With the right words, you can do and be anything.

When I lost my job, I was lost. What was I supposed to do? As the days turned into weeks then months, I realized it was possible I would never get a job or, at the very least, not for many more months and, perhaps, years. I decided to look for freelance writing work online. It was slow going, at first, because I could not find any legitimate sites. I knew that people asking for a mere $49.99, no, wait, for me, $39.99, and promising I could make thousands of dollars a day from the comfort of my own home were the only people making any money.

I finally found a real website that had work for writers. I started earning about half-a-cent a word – no joke. Thankfully, that did not last long. That particular website only offered jobs that paid about 1.5 cents a word, but that was three times more than when I had started. As time passed, I found more lucrative sites. Over the course of a year, I have managed to acquire a few long-term jobs that pay nicely. I am beginning to feel hopeful about the future, and that is always a good thing.

If you are meandering around the Web and have stumbled on this blog, perhaps all you need is the encouragement of one who has finally found her way. You can, too. You will never know until you try.

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Nancy Abernathy works as an online instructor with The College City. She loves working as a freelance writer and has no plans to do anything else for a long time.

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