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This is a guest post by Cynthia Tolliver.

The world of Internet is now no more confined to chatting with people and playing games. In fact, it has become the de facto hub for many self employed people who prefer to obtain work from the different corners of the world. These people tend to search for the most suitable employer networks and gain instant projects that they can comfortably do at home. Although the term instant access sounds very interesting, it is a fact that on this World Wide Web where everything works on ‘words’ and ‘images’, the risks of scams are always high, especially for those who desire to earn money via freelancing.

However, this does not mean that Internet is full of fraud! Well, there are many legit online jobs that anybody can really take advantage of, to make some income. The idea behind these legit online jobs is that people get money as per the consistency of delivering valuable work to a particular client. In most cases, such online projects look at the capacity of a worker to deliver quality outputs. Well, if you are of the opinion that you too are capable of taking up legitimate online jobs, do read some cool tips to get the most suitable one out there!

Tip 1: Target famous freelancing sites

It is recommended to consider the freelancing sites that are shown in the first two-three search result pages of Google. These are the ones attracting more numbers of freelancers who give work as well as the ones who take work. To cross-check the authenticity of the sites, look for its reviews on blogs and forums, check for a valid payment system, look for the terms and conditions, in case of no payment or delayed deliveries, and ensure that they are transparent enough to reveal the employer as well as employee’s past projects and payments.

There are many legit freelance sites that require you to register and look for the available online projects. During registration, a few of them ask you to create a resume so that the employers can be convinced about your work quality. Moreover, they will also ensure that you get paid from the employers via their payment services.

Tip 2: Ignore Big Price Tags

Any online job that claims to pay you a very high amount is a scam for sure. For example, if you are in the writing line and somebody is offering you $20 per 500-word article, know that it is a fraud project. It is recommended to know the current market prices for the different kind of projects of your field before you become the victim of such scams.

Tip 3: Look for Reviews

Before you select an employer for work, ensure that you can verify his online presence or commitment to work and payment. If you are finding your clients via the freelancing sites, kindly do not accept the project until you read some reviews about her or him given by the former employees. Such reviews reveal real experiences of people who have worked with the client.

Tip 4: Avoid Pay-asking Jobs

Remember, legit online jobs pay you; you do not pay them! So, if a project is demanding a payment or any kind of fees or investment, it is a scam.  Well, just remember that you will have to be proactive and do some good research before you select anybody as your freelancing client!

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  • thoward says:

    I appreciate Cynthia sharing this post with our readers. I have to disagree to a degree with Tip 2. I currently charge more than $20 for a 500-word article, and I have been paid higher rates for my articles. While it is true that scammers will offer high prices, do not be afraid to charge what you are worth.

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