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Gone are the days of simply getting a college degree and foraging into a career that will guarantee an employee 20 to 30 years being gainfully employed, followed by a leisurely retirement. People are routinely faced with economic uncertainty, and the biggest obstacle to overcome with that is fear, fear of not knowing where finances will come from, fear of what to do with downtime, fear of not feeling good enough, and the list goes on. Freelancing helps to ease all of these.Flexible Hours
Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a newly unemployed job seeker, freelancing allows you to a schedule set by you. Some people are night owls, but others like to rise with the chickens, and that’s OK if you’re a freelancer! When you are a freelancer, no one but yourself dictates when you work. You can take your children to the park and still have hours in the day to take care of a neighbor’s dog as a pet sitter, or while your toddler naps, you can type some articles for a freelance writing site. Waste not want not is a great saying that applies to the freelance world. If you use the same hours, you might use playing a game online or checking Facebook by instead freelance writing. You could make some great money during the times of day you like to work rather than during the hours your are made to.

Pro-Active Lifestyle
Everyone knows in our world today there is uncertainty in the job market. When one loses a job or possibly has their hours cut back due to an economic downturn of a company, it is so easy to go to a “woe is me” mindset. But that path is unhealthy. Being pro-active is a positive, bolstering way to be, and freelancing allows for a pro-active lifestyle. Recently becoming unemployed, instead of getting down on myself, I looked at it as an opportunity and immediately became pro-active over my own job possibilities. After a few hours of researching, I realized there are many ways for a person to freelance in today’s world. Crafty people can use sites such as to sell wares and crafts, allows folks who have the gift of language to quickly and easily begin a freelance writing career, and even a person with an eye for value could hit up local yard sales and flea markets and resell items on Ask yourself where your passion is, come up with your own strategy and you can turn any downtime away from the traditional working world into a magical new adventure of a working world designed by you!

What a Wonderful Wardrobe!
When you work for someone else, you dress how they like. When you freelance and work for yourself, you dress how you like. Add to that the added savings of not having to stock your closet full of clothes, you don’t even want to wear and it’s a win-win all around! No one needs to be in high heels when they write on their laptop from the comfort of their own couch. Dressing in a pencil skirt is certainly not required attire when you make the rounds to walk the dogs you have signed up to pet sit this week. And if you can’t afford a huge rotation of a glamorous wardrobe, well it makes no difference if you sign up for nanny jobs on You can dress in Converses and t-shirts and not even put on a clean one if you choose when you freelance, depending upon what line of work you choose to do.

You can wear no shoes, as I choose to, or different ones on two different feet when you are a grocery shopper for the elderly in your neighborhood. The only person your wardrobe has to please is you, and this definitely is a huge part of the “free” in freelancing!

And an added bonus of freelance work allows flexibility unmatched if you become bored or unhappy with a job, you are in control to change who you work for and the type of work you are doing easily and possibly even many times a week!

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