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This is a guest post by Gwen Stewart.

Choosing a name for your business can be fun. You can go with something straightforward, or you might choose a name that is fun and catchy. However, choosing a name can also be frustrating. Multiple choices and ideas can present themselves and leave you second-guessing yourself as you try to determine what name will suit your business best. Ultimately, you want a name that is recognizable and instills brand recognition as your business grows. Read these tips on choosing a name for your business and make the process both easier and smarter.

1. Make it Easy to Remember

Google, Yahoo!, Pepsi, Starburst, Apple, Sears. What do all these business names have in common? None of them accurately describe what the business is, but they are all easily recognized, and because of brand awareness, you know exactly what each business is. So regardless of whether your business name is creatively obscure or self-descriptive, simple and easy to spell and remember is most important. Additionally, some businesses try to be clever by using a play on words or inserting punctuation in order to create a unique name. While the name might be easy to remember, it can be potentially difficult to look up in the yellow pages or on the Internet.

2. Be Positive

Choosing a name that is positive doesn’t necessarily mean that you must choose uplifting words. It’s more about creating a strong-sounding brand, such as Dynamic Marketing, The Lucky Teapot, Fresh Market, and Stone Cold Creamery. These names also help to convey an image in the mind of the business, making it easy to remember and recognize.

3. Make it Informative

As mentioned earlier, names like Apple and Sears don’t necessarily convey a type of business information, but that’s because these are actually shortened company names. Apple has become synonymous with “Apple Computer, Inc.,” and Sears is shortened from “Sears Department Stores.” Of course, Google and Yahoo! are exceptions, but since your business is just being created. If you aren’t planning an instant global reach with lots of promotion, you’ll want a name that provides some information to consumers about what your business actually does.

Dynamic Marketing is a good example. Netflix is a great example, and PayPal, Quality Logo Design and Antics Digital Marketing are also good examples of names that are simple, easy to remember, and provide you with some sort of idea of the business.

4. Keep It Short

Again, the key to making a business name memorable is also making it short. One-word business names are easy to remember, but you don’t necessarily need to make it that short. When a business grows, consumers tend to shorten the name on their own because the name has become so recognizable that only the first word might be needed for you to be aware of what it is referring to. That doesn’t mean you should create an especially long name, either. Three words is usually a good standard, enabling you to make it simple yet also provide information.

5. Will it Have Visual Impact?

Think about how your business name will appear on signage, business cards, and on websites. Will it be able to lend itself well to a logo? If you have the resources, you might want to see some logo options for different names you are mulling over in order to better gauge the impact of the name when seen visually.

6. Make Sure it Isn’t Already Taken

There are millions of business names already out there, some currently in use, and some just trademarked for potential future use. So how can you be sure that the name you choose isn’t already taken? Perform a simple search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website and you’ll quickly be able to determine if you need to think of a new name.

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