PostHeaderIcon What I Learned From My Toddler: Are You Sending The Right Message?

Note: This starts the first blog post in the weekly edition “What I Learned From My Toddler.” 

By Terez Howard 

“Grammy calls it whole milk,” Micah told me. 

“She’s right, sweetie,” I said. 

Micah corrected me. “No. I just drink milk.” 

“You drink whole milk,” I told her. 

“There’s a cap on it,” my 2-year-old said, looking at the milk jug’s cap. “There’s no hole!” 

She knew what she was talking about from jump. For weeks, maybe months, she has been telling me that my mother, Grammy, calls her milk whole milk. I’ve been telling Micah that she does drink whole milk. Last week, she finally cleared up the misconception. 

Yada, yada, yada 

Do your potential customers know what you’re talking about? Sure, they know that I am a professional blogger. I blog for businesses, yada, yada, yada. I could be a blogger for corporations, for small businesses, for start-up businesses, for businesses in my local town, for businesses in my tri-state area, for overseas businesses looking for an American flair. Those yadas told you nothing. Is your business a yada, yada, yada? 

How can you make sure your message is clear? It’s simple. Have several pairs of eyes give your business website an honest review. Get a few potential clients, your competition, qualified writers, friends, family, anyone willing to tell you their opinion to take a look. 

Take everything with a grain of salt 

I cannot foresee the future. But I can tell you with 99 percent accuracy that those eyes will provide you with criticism, and you will not like all of it. Some will find typographical and possible contextual errors. Others will demand a redesign to make your website easier on the eyes. A few won’t know if you’re promoting SEO content writing or graphic design. No matter what advice you receive, solicited and unsolicited alike, don’t blindly accept it. 

Give the suggestion honest consideration, and most importantly, consider the source. Weed out the stupidity and cultivate the constructive critiques. 

My toddler teaches 

Micah didn’t understand the difference between whole and hole. Adults recognize the difference in context without any serious thought. Your services/products should be just as clear to your market. Your customers have to know exactly what you’re selling them and why they need it, or they’ll be left with a hole. 

About the author 

Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility. 

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