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By Terez Howard

  • If you hear, “Look at this, Mama,” every five seconds,
  • If you notice unnecessary noise coming from your child’s direction,
  • If you see your child turned your walls into her own personal canvas,
  • If you smell BM coming from a potty trained pro,
  • If you feel a sticky substance on your leg,

Then it’s time to stop staring at your computer screen.

Toddlers thrive from focused, parental attention. If they don’t get it, they will forcefully find a way to shift your concentration from your work to them. It’s true that some children want all of Mama’s undivided attention, 24/7. Yeah, that’s not possible. But is your kid purposely getting into trouble just to get a few words from you?

We call ourselves work-from-home mothers. Are we working at home more than we’re actually being mothers? If so, there’s a problem. I’d say most, if not all of us, chose this profession so that we could have a flexible schedule to spend more time with our children. But if your kid is found frequently warring against the computer, give her the victory.

My tip

Just stop what you’re doing, and give your kid a little bit of your time. Play a quick game of hide-and-seek or sing a few favorite songs. My daughter likes for me to make stuffed animals talk, dance, drive, just anything she can do. Just making Monkey Mo tell her about his day and accompany her to make-believe Kroger entertains her. That little Mama fix sometimes is enough to hold an impatient toddler over for a longer play time.

Let work wait, and do one activity that you know your toddler enjoys. Remember, we’re mothers first.

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