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It’s that dreaded time of year, tax time.  If you’re smart, you finished the task a few months ago.  If you’re a procrastinator like me, you’re facing the April 15th deadline with trepidation and horror.  For some of  us, it doesn’t matter if we’re getting a big refund or dishing out the cash; we just don’t relish the idea of painstakingly gathering our financials and filling out forms.  What we need is a fresh outlook.

For the first time in history, I allowed Jackson to help with the taxes.  For some reason, he didn’t mind plugging in all of the numbers, tallying the receipts, double checking every entry.  He helped create new files, and even assisted in the clutter clean up.  He had a fresh outlook.  To him, this was all new and exciting, a rite of passage into adulthood.  How could I get some of that energy?

Well, for one thing, I do remember as a child sitting with my mother during tax season, and I found it exciting as well.  The fact is that we are not children anymore so these things won’t excite us as they once did. I’m sure I could glean something from Jackson though.  If I can’t just grab some of his energy, could I get it by osmosis?

A contagious disposition

It would be great if we could get excited about things in the same way that children do.  But we are not children, so we are challenged.  What I did find is the more that I spent time with Jackson and his exuberant joy over doing the taxes, the more enjoyable it was for me.  It became easier and even at times fun to get the job done.  His attitude was contagious.  That is what we need, a contagious attitude.  And if we can’t muster a joyful outlook for others to imitate, then we have to find somebody who has a good attitude and work with them for awhile until we do have that great disposition.

In a business setting, we are faced with some very challenging situations.  They can be labeled unpleasant at best.  An irate costumer, a failed business model, a pressing deadline, all of these things could put us in the worst of moods.  If we can manage a better attitude through it all, great! If can’t even pretend to enjoy these trying times, we better find somebody who can, maybe even somebody who is looking forward to one of these challenges.  Once we find somebody who wants to solve these problems, we may find that we want to face them too rather than push them to the side for another day.

So, the next time you are in a taxing situation, find somebody who has a fresh outlook and stick with them.  Their attitude will become your attitude and the work will be much more enjoyable.  Even better, if you are the one with the great attitude take pleasure in knowing that you are conveying that stupendous outlook to your customers, clients, and colleagues.

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