PostHeaderIcon One Guest Blog Post Increases My Twitter Followers Sevenfold

By Terez Howard

I wrote How Do You Make a Living from This? for Liz Strauss’s I was tickled by Liz’s accolades via e-mail, Twitter and in the comments section. What writer isn’t thrilled that another writer likes her work? Liz sent one little tweet to all her Twitter followers. It said something like, “Follow thewriteblogger. She writes really well.”

The morning after my guest post went live, I was shocked to see my Twitter followers go from a measly four to more than 30!

What I learned
Well-established blogs with high traffic give your blog traffic. Bloggers who have built trust in their readers put out a high quality product every day. Their readers faithfully go back for tips, tricks and entertainment, eagerly anticipating what their favorite blogs will put out.

That’s how I feel. I can’t wait to see what the folks at and are going to say. I always find something useful to my business at those blogs and regularly check on them. I click on bloggers’ bio links because I believe their skills can help me.

When you guest post, you have the benefit of gleaning off of big time bloggers’ followers. To date, my heaviest traffic day was the day I wrote on Liz’s blog.

How to do it
How do you guest post on other people’s blogs?
  1. Write an original blog post that will add value to someone else’s blog.
  2. Search through blogs that relate to the subject you wrote about. Make sure your blog post hasn’t already been covered.
  3. Send an e-mail request to the blog’s administrator, along with your blog post.
  4. If you don’t hear back from the administrator in a week, send a follow-up e-mail.
  5. If you still don’t hear anything, send that blog post to another person’s blog or use it on your own blog.

Don’t get discouraged if your posts are rejected. Move on and use your posts elsewhere. Your efforts will pay off. Who knows? You might become one of those big time bloggers with a myriad of guest writers.

About the author 

Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility.

18 Responses to “One Guest Blog Post Increases My Twitter Followers Sevenfold”

  • Guest posting is an excellent way to “speak” to a wider audience. I’m in discussions with a colleague to figure out how we can do that on each other’s blogs.

  • Laura Sheman says:

    Hi! Great article. I love your enthusiasm!

    I would also suggest writing to the blog owner and just asking if they might like an article about XYZ (before you write it). Most often they will respond favorably, but they may come back with, “Well, I’d love to hear about ABC instead. Can you write an article about that?”

    Also, another method is to ask others to guest blog for you. This will help your blog and theirs as well. You can offer to reciprocate, but either way, it is a great thing for both bloggers.

  • Terez says:

    It’s absolutely wonderful. It’s a very easy way to reach people that might seem unreachable.

  • Terez says:

    I don’t particularly favor asking a blog owner to write about something and waiting for a reply. I suppose if it’s a big-time blog, you could do that and not worry about wasting your time writing something. But then again, it’s never a waste of time to write a blog post. You will be able to use it somewhere. I guess I’m just partial to writing first.

    I enjoy reading blogs with a variety of guest bloggers. It gives a blog a completeness.

  • Laura Sheman says:

    Hi! Interesting! I love a debate. Hope you do too!

    I think you can’t go too wrong either way. I can tell you that if I were approached by a writer who wanted to guest blog, I would prefer to be consulted.

    I would also feel a bit awkward telling someone that I didn’t like their article, especially if they had written it for me. It’s a little like criticizing a gift.

    However, I like that your approach gets people writing. Minimally it is good practice and it is likely that a number of people would simply print an article if it fit in with their blog.

  • Terez says:

    I can see your reasoning. It makes sense.

    I would rather see a writer approach me with their finished product. For one thing, it shows me they’ve got guts, determination and confidence in their writing.

    If I don’t like their post, I don’t have to reject it outright. I could offer to edit it to make it stronger, as one person I guest blogged for mentioned. Or, I could suggest the writer edit the article to better fit my blog. If I feel the need to completely reject the article, I could suggest another, as you stated. If the person just did not fit the bill at all and was a terrible writer, I could reject the b;ogger altogether. That’s the beauty of owning your own blog. You get the final say.

    Of course, you don’t want a harsh exterior to frighten readers and guest bloggers away. But you also don’t want to be the “yes man,” or woman in this case, letting everything slide. Being the good guy/girl is nice. It’s not always honest.

    And yes, you could consider rejecting a post as criticizing a gift. But it doesn’t have to exactly be that way. What if I gave you a snowboard but you’ve never set foot on the slopes because you lived in Texas? Wouldn’t my gift be a bit thoughtless? Would you really feel like you were criticizing my gift, or would you feel like you were helping me not waste my money by returning it to me?

    In the end, bloggers have to decide which approach is best, and for every blog you decide to pitch to, you might have a different approach. There definitely is no right or wrong way.

  • ChrisLWagner says:

    I’ve been wondering about guest blogs and you gave great advice on how to go about it. Your blog was concise and to the point and not too long (like mine!) Great post

  • Terez says:

    Thanks. I’m glad that you liked it. I hope that it helps you, and you’re able to write guest posts at other people’s blogs!

  • Rob Berman says:

    I put out a query asking if anyone wanted a guest blogger. I received two affirmatives. Each person suggested a few edits that made the posts stronger. They did not dictate topic to me. In a conversation with another person I mentioned the guest blogging idea and she asked me to blog for her. The first two people get at least 1,000 hits per day on their blog. Not a bad start.

  • Terez says:

    Congratulations on your success! I’d say that’s a great start.

  • I have submitted guest posts and used guest posts on my blog. It is important to set some parameters for people posting on your blog. I actually had to turn someone away because the post was 2000 words and he was not willing to cut the post.I usually give general guidlines regarding length and I ask permission to edit if necessary.

    When I have submitted a guest post I typically choose the topic and if they do not like the topic I can always use it on my own site if appropriate.

  • Terez says:

    It saves your time and a guest blogger’s time when they have guidelines to follow. Great tip!

  • Brenda says:

    This is a great article I accept guest posts on my natural living blog and I have done a few for other blogs as well. I always give guidelines to people when they are posting and I prefer them when I am guest posting as it can save time and effort if you can concentrate on what the blog owner actually wants.

  • Terez says:

    Guidelines are a definite time saver. It’s good that you have them.

    I like to see a page that specifically caters to guest posters. That way, you can go to it, review the guidelines and submit accordingly.

  • emme johnson says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tips on blogging. Your suggestions have increased my blogging confidence ten-fold!

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