PostHeaderIcon 5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog, With 1 Foiled Excuse

By Terez Howard

You’re thinking, why does my business need a blog anyway? It might not need a blog at all.

Didn’t expect that, did you? It’s the truth, though. You might not have time to blog. Perhaps you are a terrible writer. Maybe you cannot afford to hire a professional blogger. It’s possible that you’re satisfied with the profit your product or service is generating.

For those of you who want your business to grow, here are 5 reasons that you need to have a blog.

1. Show yourself off as an authority.

Let’s say that you sell treadmills online. You or a professional blogger can not only showcase your products, but also share how your treadmills can be used, share fitness programs, discuss the benefits of walking and running and much more. Customers will not just think of you as the company that sells treadmills, but as the person who knows everything about treadmills.

2. Put a face to your brand.

A blog isn’t like your business website. Your business website gives the facts, description, photos, price. It’s like the skin. But your blog is the heart. It shares insightful information; it introduces the world to your employees; it brings a brand into people’s living rooms for a conversation, which leads to my next point.

3. It communicates.

A blogger speaks through a blog. People can comment, and the blogger can respond. It’s a conversation that your business website cannot provide. People who comment on a blog might become customers or unknowingly generate future sales.

4. Traffic rolls in.

A blog gives you traffic. People type in long tail keywords, somewhat random but descriptive terms to try to find what they’re looking for. One random, descriptive phrase could be: marketing ideas new business. You might be surprised how high Google ranks blogs for this. Of course, you cannot optimize for phrases like this, but the more you write, the more likely you will be discovered with these long tail keywords.

5. Less calls and e-mails for you.

Take note of the most common questions you get. Write a blog addressing one or more at a time. People visit your site, check out your blog and get answers without having to contact you. You save time, and they save time. Everybody wins.

I said earlier that you might not need a blog if you didn’t have time. I object to that reason.

1. No time to blog?

Do you write e-mail newsletters? What about white papers? Other articles? All or portions of these can be included in blogs. You or one of your employees has to answer customer service questions. Why not write the answers once in a blog?

You don’t have to look at blogging as a new step. It is a way to take what you’re already doing and redirect it to a blog.

Check out these facts from

  • Years to Reach 50 millions Users: Radio (38 Years), TV (13 Years), Internet (4 Years), iPod (3 Years)…Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months…iPhone applications hit 1 billion in 9 months.
  • Because of the speed in which social media enables communication, word of mouth now becomes world of mouth.
  • 25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content.
  • Successful companies in social media act more like party planners, aggregators, and content providers than traditional advertisers.

So, what are you waiting for? Start blogging for your business. Hire a writer to do it for you. Reach your market socially and watch it grow.

About the author

Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility.

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19 Responses to “5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog, With 1 Foiled Excuse”

  • I agree blogs are a great way to promote your business and to be seen as an expert. I cant think of too many businesses that would not benifit from blogging.

    If you are thinking of writing a book a blog is a great way to build a following before your book is released.

  • thoward says:

    That’s why I do what I do. The benefits that come from blogging are huge and growing!

  • Good article, Terez. I struggle with the challenge of finding time to write regularly. I’ve been doing shorter posts on my Facebook fan page, and that seems to take away some of the energy I have for blogging. I’m trying to strike a balance.

    I’m also mulling over having my blog as the first page of my website. I like that it showcases fresh content regularly, but when I look through my analytics, it’s apparent that the other pages aren’t getting much attention. Playing around with creating a Home page instead and moving the blog over in terms of page numbering.

  • Tony Russo says:

    I like the notion of being authoritative. Too many business blogs are just constant ads, if I’m not getting anything but marketed to I turn them off. Providing information about your industry that’s only occasionally punctuated by something more ad-like is the way to keep people interested, I think.

  • thoward says:

    @Jane Thanks. It sounds like an interesting idea to switch your homepage to your blog. Let me know how that works for you.

  • thoward says:

    @Tony That’s how I feel about business blogs. Sure, I run a business. But if all I’m trying to do is get, rather than give, I’m going to lose the trust and respect of my readers. I know what I want from a business blog – useful information. Build it (that trust and respect), and they (customers) will come.

  • Laura Sheman says:

    I really love having a blog, so that all my articles and ideas on a subject have a home. I can refer people back to them on into the future.

    Also with a blog you can separate out your businesses and interests, communicating to folks on a very specific subject, giving them help and advice.

    I do agree that blogging isn’t right for everyone. If you’re planning to just advertise through a blog, don’t. I find that annoying.

    However, I don’t think you need excellent writing skills. It is a chance to just be yourself and share your advice with others!

  • thoward says:

    @Laura I agree that it’s annoying to do direct, constant advertising through a blog. Mentioning your available services or product is another story. It’s like saying, “I’ve got this here if you want it, and if not, I hope I can help you with my posts.”

  • Brenda says:

    I love blogs and have a few. A great way of blogging and not taking up too much time is to use, which is great because you can use it straight from your email account. My blogs have brought me recognition in my field and much enjoyment.

  • thoward says:

    @Brenda That’s great. Do you go through for all of your blogging, or do you manage any of your own blogs?

  • Spacious grit as usual…

  • Luigi Fulk says:

    How did you make this template? I got a blog as well and my template looks kinda bad so people don’t stay on my blog very long :/.

  • thoward says:

    I did not make this template.

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