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By Terez Howard


Let me tell you my story. I called my doctor’s office to change from one prescription to another. But when my husband brought home my new prescription, I was shocked to find the original drug, not the requested one, buried in my bag. After several calls between the doctor’s office and pharmacy, I discovered the nurse’s assistant confused my request. In the end, I had purchased one $15 un-returnable prescription and another $15 requested prescription.

Thinking my doctor and her staff would take accountability for the mistake, I asked for $15, the price for the drug I never wanted. “It was a miscommunication. I’m not paying for your prescription,” my doctor curtly stated. Her office has never paid for anyone’s prescriptions, she informed me.

After a calm discussion and a heated dispute, I lost $15. But my doctor lost a patient. What’s the point of this story?

When we make mistakes, we take accountability for our actions. That means that if a client gets a bad link to a paid e-book or if a customer is shipped the wrong merchandise, we take responsibility for it.

The first words a consumer needs to hear is: “I apologize.” Those two little words cool rising anger. After a sincere apology comes an honest I’ll fix the problem. Then, fix the problem. Taking accountability in your hands increases sales, even if initially money is lost. Take time with your readers, customers and clients, and treat them with respect. They’re the ones keeping you in business!

As for me, sure it was only $15 down the tubes. The experience told me, however, that if her office made a mistake, $15 or $150, she was not about to take the blame, even if she deserved it. Now, she doesn’t deserve my business.

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