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by Jael Strong

That is what your clients want to know.  While all of the other things, marketing, customer relations, work ethic, come into play, ultimately clients want you to be knowledgeable and reliable in your field.  Think of it this way:  When you buy a dozen donuts, what is most important to you?  The box?  The friendly manners of the person behind the counter?  How much effort has been put into the final product?  No.  What matters to you is that the donuts taste great!

It goes without saying that before you even enter into a business venture you should have a degree of knowledge in the chosen field.  That is a fine beginning.  For example, if you plan on opening a music business, being skilled on a musical instrument would be logical.  But in order to instill confidence in your clients, your education has to be continuous, so that you are on the cutting edge of new knowledge and innovation.

Where can you go?

Depending on your field, the options for continued learning are varied.  Actual higher education is always an option; this type of investment is the most expensive and requires the most amount of time, a luxury that most business owners cannot afford.  Where else can we go to improve our knowledge base?

The Internet – There is a wealth of information on the world wide web.  Unfortunately, there is also a lot of garbage out there.  Filter out the information that is unreliable.  Remember, a website may look official, but that does not mean that it is dependable.  Double or triple check the facts.
Academic Periodicals – Nearly every field has a plethora of articles written by other professionals who have a wealth of knowledge to share.  Keeping up-to-date on these articles will likely mean that you are up-to-date on the most recent research in your field.
Good old fashioned books – Know who is an expert in your field and then read what they have written.
Classes and seminars – You may not have time or money for a full course load, but if you  have weekends or evenings available this may be a viable option.  Check with local universities, colleges, and professional organizations for scheduled events and classes.
Independent research and studies – In every field, there are professionals involved in research studies designed to provide new insights. Joining one of these studies, or spearheading one, will increase your knowledge base and will increase you’re your credibility.

Some of these options are more time consuming than others and you alone can judge what is best suited to your personality, resources, and needs.  At least, keeping abreast of your field through academic articles is a less time consuming but effective way to take in knowledge and increase your expertise.  Pass what you learn on to your client and you will become their source of information on the topic.  You will become the expert, and that can only help business.

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