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By Jael Strong

When you are thirsty, what do you want, a trickle or a bucket of water splashed in your face?  As writers and entrepreneurs we are faced with a similar question.  Do we want a steady stream of work and income or do we want a large amount of work attached to a large paycheck?  The former doesn’t appear very lucrative.  The latter seems more so, but is likely to be followed by a lull in income.  The answer to the original question is obvious, but we are left with this query: What works best in a business setting?

 Let’s take the example of a freelance writer.  The trickle of work could consist of varied assignments, ranging from blogging to newspaper articles.  These may take as little as twenty minutes to complete.  Many may take much longer, but they will not take weeks or months to finish.  The variety of work and limited time needed to complete the assignments leave time for other aspects of the freelance writing business, such as marketing and further job search.  This is ideal since it is recommended that marketing be a regular part of any business, not just something that we do when there is a respite in the workload.

On the other hand, we have the option of the tidal wave.  This would be one job that occupies all or most of your work time.  This could be ghost writing for a novel, for example.  Because of the expansive nature of this work, little time will be left for marketing.  So, if you happen to be hired for a time consuming task, you must be aware that there will likely be a break in income after this task is complete.  On the up side, being hired for a more involved task is a compliment to your skill and, as noted earlier, will involve a higher rate of pay.  If you can manage simultaneously marketing while writing, this is not a bad option.  If this will be a challenge, it may be best not to seek such time consuming projects.

Ultimately, we all must decide for ourselves what style of work is best for us.  Many of us are in a position that we will accept any work that comes our way!  But don’t take on current work at the expense of future prospects. Always leave time for marketing, so that there will at least be trickle remaining after the tidal wave.


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