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By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week One Challenge:  Write a creative piece of short fiction in twenty minutes based on a one-phrase prompt provided by a non-participating source.  If you don‘t have someone to provide you with a prompt, feel free to use the one provided below.  (I’m going to get my prompt now!)

Prompt:  many waters (Start the timer!)

Ben sat on his tattered couch feeling very thirsty.  He was so thirsty that when his tongue scraped against the roof of his mouth in a slow stroke, as if coated in powerful adhesive, it made the sound of sand paper on wood.   The faucet laughed at him from the kitchen, dripping quenching drops into the dirty bowls in the sink.  The clean glasses in the cabinets called to him.

But Ben remained immobilized.   On his lap was his hot laptop, this great albatross weighing him down and keeping him from satisfying his thirst.   The fan whirred.  The stagnant air wreaked.  And Ben sat, staring at his computer screen, as he had done for hours now, captivated by the images before him.

He had contemplated setting the computer aside so that he could sprint to the kitchen for just a sip of water, but the danger of a damaged computer was just too strong.   The options rattled in his mind.  All of the surfaces in the room were littered with yesterday’s leftover food boxes and dirty dishes.  He had only three choices:  He could set the computer on the couch cushion next to him, but the dogs had a history of ignoring proper etiquette, stepping directly on top of his computer rather than walking around it.  He could put it on the floor in front of him, but the dogs posed the same danger there with the added danger of Ben himself accidentally stepping on it in the blind fury of trying to rush back from his drink. He could stay put, remain thirsty, but protect his beloved.  Ben chose the third option.

There was a fourth option, a choice Ben had rejected decisively from the time he had recognized his thirst.  Ben was not only surrounded by dirty dishes and garbage, but also half-filled glasses of water and other fluids.  They were by this point all lukewarm.  At best, they were filled with dust.  Some had bits of food and bugs floating in them.  The dogs had no doubt helped themselves to some of the libations.  No, Ben would not drink from these.

But Ben was oh so thirsty.  The sticky residue of old pop even looked appetizing.  He couldn’t move, but he could reach across the table.  He could choose from any number of the aforementioned glasses of old liquid.  Ben did reach and in the early hours of evening, as the sun set, Ben satisfied his great thirst by the many waters that encased him.

The End

That was the twenty minute brainchild of my somewhat disturbing mind!

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