PostHeaderIcon Why Are Your Rates So High?

By Terez Howard

You get what you pay for. I learned this the hard way.

Let me tell you what happened to me. 

A lawyer gave me a high quality suit in great condition. Although it was eight sizes too big, I decided I could take this fabulous suit to a seamstress to take it in.

I didn’t go to my regular, reliable seamstress. I wanted to save some money, so I went to the woman my realtor recommended. I paid just $15! Great deal for a suit that probably cost more than $200 originally.

But, and this a big BUT, when the suit returned over two weeks later, the jacket was still way too big. So, this discount seamstress had to take it back to fix it. I still don’t have the jacket, and it’s been another two weeks. No word from the seamstress.

The real kicker is that my suit came back reeking of dirty dog. That means I will have to dry clean my suit before I wear it. So yeah, I only paid $15. That price doesn’t include dry cleaning fees, gas money to get to the cleaner’s, more than one month’s time and an uncertainty of when I will see my complete suit again. Was it worth it?

Let me compare this experience to my reliable seamstress. 

After that encounter, I decided that I was going to take a dress and shirt that needed altering to my reliable seamstress. I took my clothing on Tuesday, and she called to let me know everything was completed on Wednesday. I picked everything up on Thursday. My clothing fits perfectly and has no foul odor.

The cost was higher than my bargain lady. But my reliable lady was worth every cent.

Higher rates equal higher quality 

I’ll say it again. You get what you pay for. Cyndy Kryder tweeted me this No. 1 tip for freelancers: Deliver on time, on target, and on budget, first time, every time.

That’s what I do. Cyndy’s tip might seem like the basics, what you’d expect from any freelance writer, even the bloggers willing to write for $2.50 per post. You might find 14 carats of solid gold among a thousand pounds of pyrite. Why take that risk if you don’t have to?

I saved time and headache when I paid a higher rate. If high quality and your time are important to you, then paying a higher rate doesn’t make your stomach turn. You become confident in your hard-working, deadline-aware, first-rate blogging writer.

Blogging for businesses is much like sewing for clients. The work comes early. It fits. It doesn’t stink.

About the author 

Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility.

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4 Responses to “Why Are Your Rates So High?”

  • Mokibobolink says:

    This post is very helpful to me right now as I’m starting to step out into the world of paid blogging. I had done some paid posts before, but only on my own blog so this is something new. I was worried I would be charging “too much”, especially knowing that some people will accept as little as $2.50 a post. But I’ve decided I want to provide a quality service. Thanks for this!

  • thoward says:

    $2.50 per post is ridiculous! I would never accept that if I actually wanted to make a living, even just a modest living. I’m glad that you are starting down the road to blogging for businesses! I hope that all goes well with you.

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