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By Terez Howard

“What do you write about?” people often ask me.

Even though that’s just one question, it has a two-fold answer.

  1. I write what I know, and I do not know everything.
  2. I will blog for businesses related to what I know.

In short, I can write posts about toddlers and moms, from disciplining a toddler who laughs at punishment to choosing the most appropriate business suit.

I’ve created a list (It’s not at all exhaustive) that can give you an idea of some of the companies I can blog for and a few topics I’d write about. Each of these topics highlight what I’ve experienced in my own life, meaning I will give a dose of personality to your blog.


  • How to raise a biracial child
  • How to style biracial hair
  • How to respond to offensive comments about your biracial child

Clothing for toddlers

  • Keeping them from stripping
  • How to dress them when it’s too hot for winter clothes and too cold for summer clothes
  • What to do with a demanding fashionista

Clothing for moms

  • Comfy, quick and stylish clothes for the mom on the go
  • What to wear to look professional at the playground in case you meet a potential client
  • How to feel beautiful inside and out

Home organization for children

  • Teaching a toddler to clean up
  • Giving everything its place and making that place known
  • Why containers are great for toddler clean-up
  • Why kids love schedules

Toys for toddlers

  • How to keep kids from having unnecessary, toy-related accidents
  • What pretend play does for the mind
  • Teaching a toddler to share toys

Educational products for toddlers

  • How not to teach a kid
  • Making an errand an educational experience
  • How to get a toddler involved in music

Cooking products

  • Quick, simple no-bake meals
  • Ways to cook with a toddler so the toddler can help
  • Keeping the kitchen safe with a curious toddler

Furniture for babies and toddlers

  • What to look for in a crib or toddler bed
  • How to teach a kid to sleep in her own room
  • A baby’s need for motion
  • How to use your child’s dresser to the fullest

Mompreneurs/work-at-home moms

  • How to balance family, work and leisure
  • Why working at home might not be best for your family
  • Places to take your child when you both need a break

I love to share information people can use, that they will remember. My mind is brimming with blogging ideas, and my well will never run dry.

About the author

Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility.

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