PostHeaderIcon What I Learned From My Toddler: How Do I Look?

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By Terez Howard

It’s the same routine. I put my daughter’s dress on and fix her hair. I’m a fan of variety, so her hairstyles are different every week. She wears ponytails, braids, twists, cornrows and a curly fro.

After I finish, my toddler tells me, “I have to look in the mirror.”

She runs to the hallway and stands about two inches from our full length mirror to admire herself. Then she says, “I have to show Daddy,” and Micah runs to my husband, waiting for him to shower her with compliments.

How do you look?

Have you looked in the mirror lately? When people say this, they’re oftentimes implying that you look a mess. I’m asking if you’ve evaluated the appearance of your business.

What does your business image include?

  • A professional-looking website
  • Clear pictures of your products, if you sell products
  • A comprehensible description of your services, if you promote services
  • A resourceful blog
  • Regular involvement social media
  • A marketing plan

No matter what you sell, you must be a trusted source of information to your audience. Does your reflection need some tweaking?

Ask for a second opinion

Even if you think your business image is superb, ask a trusted associate for an honest opinion. I recently asked Rebecca Garland, a fellow WAHM (work-at-home mom), how my website and blog looked, even though I thought it was great. She gave me advice that hadn’t entered my mind. I saw the value of her opinion and implemented her recommendations. Since then, I receive compliments on my website and blog, which I personally attribute to her.

Unsolicited advice has its place, too. Think of the courage it might take for a person to tell you what she thinks you lack. Never respond in anger. Take an honest look at yourself from the other person’s point of view and do what you must to improve your image.

My toddler teaches

My 2-year-old enjoys getting dressed up. She likes how she looks. You can have the same confidence if you step back and make sure your reflection is telling others that you are a professional.

About the author

Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility.

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  • Terez – children have much to teach us, in so many ways! Thanks for sharing those insights. I’ts always good to hear from others how we are being perceived.


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