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By Terez Howard

My daughter and I strolled through Office Max one morning, and some heart-shaped sticky notes caught the girl’s attention.

“I like heart paper,” said a hopeful, little voice.

“Oh, yeah,” was my response.

“I want it, Mama! I want the heart paper!”

“You don’t need it,” I said firmly and went on for a good minute about how I just bought her the pink helmet and kneepads she wanted to go with her brand new tricycle. How did my rebuttal affect my 2-year-old?

Even louder than before, “I want the heart paper!” Phony tears were brewing.

You don’t need it!

You run a business. You sell something to get a profit. That’s the idea, right? Well, in your first few weeks, even days, from opening your business, someone else has tried to sell something to you. After months and years roll by, you probably could start an army of salespeople ready to defeat defenseless businesses.

They tell you: It saves time. It makes your life easier. It brings your business into the 21st century. It saves money.

What that salesperson fails to mention about this one-of-a-kind product is that it takes time to learn, makes your life more complicated when it malfunctions, makes business halt without it, and, oh yeah, it costs money.

I’m not recommending that you turn down every single software program, gadget and thingamabob out there. Assess whether or not you truthfully need the device. Be honest with yourself.

Don’t fall prey to the lure that a sale will end tonight or that the product will soon be out of stock. These statements could be truths. Most often, though, they’re marketing tactics designed to bait you.

With that in mind, give yourself time to answer these three important questions:

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Can I afford it?
  3. Can I afford to spend time to learn it?

My toddler teaches

My daughter did not need the heart-shaped paper. Sure, I could afford it, and she would probably use it for a few minutes. In the end, there was no real reason for her to have it.  She forgot all about it after we left Office Max.

My point? Even if you can afford the time and money connected with a product, do you need it? Really?

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