PostHeaderIcon The Twenty Minute Creativity Project: The ABCs of Fiction

By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Four Challenge:  In twenty minutes, create a piece of fiction in which the first sentence starts with an A, the second sentence starts with a B, the third sentence starts with a C, etc. This week, there is no prompt.   (Start the timer!)

After gathering the wood, Charlotte sat beside the hot ground striking matches and blocking the flickering flame from the wind.  Burnt ashes smoldered in front of her.  Charlotte hoped that meant that the fire would ignite easily; she didn’t have the patience to wait eat.  Desperately, she struck match after match, but to no avail. Each match snapped into a blaze, but quickly faded.

For hours, Charlotte had waited by the water for the others to meet her.  Going too far from the river would have made it nearly impossible for them to find her.  Hungry though she was, Charlotte waited there with no food and no fire.  In time though, the sun sank deeper into the earth and Charlotte decided that waiting was pointless.  John and the others must have been discovered. Knife in hand, Charlotte trudged into the forest’s deep underbrush in search of food.

Leaving the river had been a difficult decision, but now, as she sat with her meal, she did not regret it.  Meat was a treat, a rarity these days.  Nothing stood between her and her chunk of satisfaction now but the fire that would not ignite.  Over and over again, the flame failed.

Pressing the last match against the block, Charlotte prayed.  Quickly, with a  brilliance that Charlotte had never witnessed before, the fire danced to life, engulfing the dry leaves and kindling, voraciously beginning to eat away at the wood.  Rejoicing, Charlotte cooked her food and settled in to enjoy it.

Seconds later, the others returned, but with a quietness Charlotte had not noticed.  Tearing apart her belongings, John led the others in the attack, ripping the food out of Charlotte’s hungry hands, mercilessly dragging away her necessities, and leaving her alone with only the dying flames of the fire.

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