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By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Five Challenge:  This one requires a partner.  In twenty minutes, create a piece of fiction consisting primarily of dialogue.  Each participant creates a unique character developed through dialogue and some action.  The writing volleys between the two writers/characters until time is up.  (Start the timer!)

(My writing partner is Terez Howard.  Terez is the creator of Zoe.  I am the creator of Chloe.)

“It’s a talent I have,” said Chloe as she peered across the room.

“What talent?” Zoe asked sarcastically.

“I can read his lips.  He’s saying ‘You are so hot!  You are so cool!’”  Chloe crossed her arms over her chest.

Zoe smirked.  “And I can read his body language.  He’s saying, ‘Why do you keep staring at me?’”

“Just eat your sandwich so we can get out of here.”  Chloe stared at her friend.  “Why don’t you go over there and ask him?  Ask him what he was saying.  Go on.  See what he tells you.  You shouldn’t be so sardonic.”

“Sardonic?”  asked Zoe.  “You and your $5 words drive me crazy,” she muttered.  “I just might ask him!”  Zoe threatened.

“I knew you would sat that!  But wait,”  Chloe squinted her eyes, zeroing in on the stranger across the way.  “Now he’s saying that he is very tired and needs to go home and get some rest.  I think you may have missed your great opportunity Zoe.”

“Missed my opportunity?”  Zoe asked when she really didn’t care.  “Whatever.  Why do I need to ask him anything when we’ve got a certified lip reader over here?”

“That’s right.  Believe in my powers!”

“I believe something.”

“Finish your sandwich.  He’s getting up and I wanna follow him out.”

Zoe chewed slower than ever.  “I think I have the power to eat faster than a speeding bullet.  Believe in my powers!”

“You have the power to do good, but you choose to do bad.”  Chloe tried to keep her eyes on the stranger.  “He’s getting away!”

“So follow him, oh powerful one.”

“I can’t go alone.  Do you wanna know what he’s saying now?”

“Of course. Let your powers loose.”  Zoe’s sarcasm was an overwhelming power.

“He’s saying he feels empty inside and alone in the world.  And it’s all your fault!”

Zoe’s eyes grew as wide as saucers. “How did you know about that, Chloe?”

About the Author
Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

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