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By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Six Challenge:  In every good piece of fiction, the main character wants something.  In twenty minutes, create a piece of fiction based on a prompt provided by a non-participant. The prompt should dictate what the main character wants.

Prompt:  a car (Start your timer!)

Lila stared up at her mother and tugged at her hand.  “But I want a car! The cars are over there, mama.  They’re over there!”  Lila pointed emphatically at a rack of Hot Wheels gracing the aisle way.  The rows of cars screamed to Lila.  There were yellow vans, blue trucks with numbers painted on the sides, pink convertibles, every color blazed on every dazzling machination.  But the one that Lila loved most was the green hot rod, the shiny engine protruding proudly out of the hood.

Countless customers brushed passed the unfortunate pair.  Lila’s mother huffed impatiently.  “Look at the dolls.  They go with that playhouse.  You can get your favorite doll today and then next time we’ll get another one.  And look, there’s even a car for the dolls to sit in.”

Lila fingered the clunky car her mother spoke of, a pink convertible with large plastic wheels and doors that could be opened and closed.  “There’s a pink convertible over there too,” Lila said, quietly.

“This car is bigger.”

“I can get more of those.  I can get the pink one and the green one.  We can get the doll for you, mama,” Lila volunteered helpfully.

“Those…Those cars aren’t for you, Lila.  And when Amanda comes over to play, I know she’ll love a doll to play with too.  We’ll get two, one for you and one for Amanda.  I’ll pick one and you pick one.  Which one is your favorite?”  Lila’s mother positioned her daughter in front of the plastic boxes containing rubberized ladies.

Lila broke free.  Negotiating between other children and their parents, Lila made it to the aisle way.  A cart flew past, grazing Lila’s shoulder, but she didn’t wince.  In two quick steps, she would be at her destination.  The cars were within grasp.  She could almost feel the cold metal in her hot hands.  She reached forward to grab the green hot rod.

Just as her tiny fingers slid around her prize, Lila felt the car slip away.  Lila’s mother grabbed Lila’s arm and pulled her bewildered daughter toward the door.  “Fine, Lila!   We’re not getting anything.  We just won’t get anything today.  Are you happy now?”

Lila was not happy.  Her heart ached as the shiny green hot rod with the protruding engine slid further into the distance, until it was nothing at all but a blur on a rack, bundled together with all of the other lovely lonely cars.

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