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By Terez Howard

My toddler recently mastered going up and down the steps all by herself. One day, after she got to the top of the steps, she did a little victory dance, extending her arm and stomping one foot. It was quite a show.

To you, my little girl conquering her fears of ascending and descending the stairs might not seem like anything to applaud. But in our family, we celebrate these little victories.

Are you a victor?

When people ask me how my business is going, I tell them that it’s going well. I’m writing, marketing and networking. I feel like Matt Williard. I’m doing what I believe is best for my business in the time I have to work on it. Is it enough? Is it correct? I don’t know. I’m open for suggestions.

What I do know is that my time spent building a professional blogging service has not been a waste. If nothing else, I have gained exposure. I’ve made some amazing contacts, like Liz Strauss and Natalie MacNeil. One Guest Blog Post Increased My Twitter Followers Sevenfold! The learning experience has been priceless.

To many, these little victories might seem like nothing special. To me, they are what drive me to continue doing my best as one of TheWriteBloggers.

Do you celebrate your little victories? You should, especially if you haven’t met any of your big time goals. I celebrate each and every petite victory that comes my way. If I didn’t, I would hang up blogging forever.

My toddler teaches

My husband and I joined in my daughter’s crazy victory dance. You, too, should congratulate others for a job well done, even it seems insignificant. I celebrate in the successes of other writers and small business owners. These little victories are what keep us motivated to building successful businesses.

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Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility.

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