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By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Seven Challenge:  This one is crazy!  One of the best short stories ever written is by Ernest Hemingway and consists of six words.  In honor of that great undertaking here is the challenge:  In twenty minutes, write ten short stories.  Allow approximately two minutes per story.  There is no prompt. (Start your timer!)

1)  Betsy heaved a sigh and batted her lashes as she gazed over the fence at her friend.  They hadn’t communicated in days.  It seems Daisy would never again saunter over for a visit . Betsy mooed and lumbered back toward the barn.

2)  “Try my pie, please,” said Susan seductively.  “I promise, the taste ‘ill kill ya.”

3)  Ben tried scrubbing the stain out of the wood, but these things become so deeply engrained, he soon gave up all hope and eventually acquiesced to the idea of carrying his mother’s antique coffee table out to the alley.

4)  do u need a lift2nite?i got the key

5)     “Stop it, stop it!”

“He has to learn. He can’t do that in the house!”

“The book says that hitting doesn’t help.”

“I’ll bet he never does it in the house again.”

“That’s why I can’t stand you. You’re disgusting.”

“You think I’m mean?  It’s mean to just let him have control. They prosper with boundaries.”

“Well, it doesn’t work!  Look what he’s doing now.”

6)      “I’ll give you five bucks for that mp3 player.”

“Are you kidding? The bat I used to break into the car cost more than that!”

7)   Sarah’s mother wouldn’t let her come in until she had picked up every last orange peel from off the front stoop.  Overwhelmed, Sarah sat, head in hand, digesting the magnitude of an afternoon’s rinds.

8 )     I’ll trade my scooter for your bike.  I don’t even care that the back tire is flat!

9)     Donald looked down at his hands.  “I really did want to take you somewhere nice tonight.”

“I know.  It’ll just have to be another time.”  Korena kicked at the dirt.

“It won’t work out no other time either. It’s always like this,” said Donald.

“You can’t say that. Things can’t always be the same.  Sometimes they have to be different.  Then we’ll go.”

“He won’t let me though.  He always comes up with something else I need to do.  There‘s always something else.”  Donald switched his gaze between his hands and Korena’s face.

“We can go like this.  I ain’t ashamed,” said Korena softly.

“No, Korena.  You deserve better.  I can’t take you out lookin’ like a dirty farmer.  I’ll just have to work harder for next time.”

“I don’t mind dirty hands.  Come on, now.  I want to go with you.  I don’t mind dirty hands.”

10)     Smashed flower pots were strewn everywhere.

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