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By Jael Strong

If you think that video games are evil incarnate, I understand. If you can’t stand the idea of your child sitting for hours pressing buttons in front of a television set, I’m right with you. But if you are considering getting a game system for that fun-loving kid of yours, I want you to know that I love the Wii.

When I was growing up, my four brothers and I had the Atari. We would sit for what I thought was hours in the cold basement and take turns jumping over alligator pits or dodging traffic as a frog. It was fun, but we did other things, too. We played hide-and-seek, baseball, kickball, dodge ball, etc. Sometimes, my parents played, too, and that made it even better.

Today’s video games are often spectator sports for everyone in the room except for the one holding the controller. Besides the anti-social behavior promoted by many video games, kids don’t seem to play them in addition to playing them outside; they play them INSTEAD of playing outside. This has led to a wide range of problems, including stunted social growth and unhealthy exercise habits for our children.

Why I like the WiiÒ

I like the Wii for several reasons. One, you don’t have to just sit there and play. Plenty of the games involve getting up and moving around, something you can’t do if you are connected to a wire. Two, so many of the games can be played with four or more people, playing as a group is as socially interactive as a board game. Three, everybody can do it. Some games are complicated true. But most are pretty straight forward so getting grandma and grandpa involved quickly and painlessly is a real possibility.

Keeping control of the controller

All of that being said, we still don’t want video games controlling our lives. And we definitely don’t want our kids playing video games that involve bludgeoning the other guy to a bloody pulp, and that for hours on end. Here are some suggestions:

Play with your child. That way, you know what they’re playing and you get to have fun, too!

Keep it fun, but lay down some ground rules. In my house, if you are playing a sport on the game system, you are not allowed to sit down. You have to be up and moving. After all, it’s a sport!

Another great rule that we have is that we can’t play video games until evening time. Since we don’t have cable, this rule promotes going outside and playing, or at least doing something interesting indoors.

Plan outdoor activities. Your children may think they want to stay inside and play video games, but once you get outside and toss the football, you’ll see that they’re loving the great outdoors.

So, if your son or daughter is aching for a game system, think about the Wii. You may learn to love it as well.

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