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By Terez Howard

My husband and I spent an evening out, where we went to see Shrek Forever After. I’m personally a fan of that green ogre and the voice behind him. To say the least, I enjoyed the film.

My husband and I wondered how Dreamworks would make a fourth Shrek movie entertaining. Haven’t they done everything they could have with Shrek? Without giving anything away to you people who plan on watching the film, I would have to say that what made this show great was that the producers and writers crafted a meaningful, engaging story. Although time travel is a common element in movies, the creators put a spin on it that made it work and perfectly so.

That got me thinking about blogging. How often have hundreds of bloggers written on the same topic? How often have you read the same idea on dozens of blogs? But what makes one blog stand above the others?

It puts a creative spin on a common thought.

  1. When you write, think about your audience and relate to them on a common ground.
  2. Tell personal anecdotes that make your blog stand out.
  3. Be yourself. No one likes a copycat.

Following this simple advice will make blogging a more enjoyable, relatable experience.

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