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 By Terez Howard

Tomorrow will be my daughter’s Princess Tea Party. It’s not a birthday party. It’s not a special occasion. It is a gathering of friends for fun.

We invited a total of 17 girls and three brothers, and as we stand, 14 children are planning to come. I was shocked by the positive response and a bit overwhelmed. More people means more food, more goodie bags… and more fun!

For some reason, I thought that less than half would end up coming, and that still might be the case since I will see who attends tomorrow. It showed me, though, that if I invite people to do something, they just might do it. Not much of an epiphany, huh?

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My toddler teaches

I hope to get a great turnout for the Princess Tea Party tomorrow, but that’s just a day. I hope that you aspiring bloggers make our blog more resourceful to its readers for years to come.

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