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By Jael Strong

So, last week I wrote a post entitled Fresh Marketing Versus Fishy Marketing, and since then it has become clear that I came across a bit ambiguous in that post.  The fact is there is a good reason for that.  The post that ended up online last Tuesday was not my original post; it was the toned-down, wimpy version.  I ranted and raved.  Then I rued and lamented my ranting and raving, deleting content, rearranged wording, and producing the watered-down material that I eventually posted.  Here is the gist of the original post:

I am a great fan of Xena: Warrior Princess and have been for many years.  Who doesn’t enjoy a television show featuring the campy antics of a sword-wielding, aria singing heroine?  Unfortunately, the show ended almost ten years ago.  So, I recently decided to see what the stars of this favorite show are doing now.  Lucy Lawless is starring in a new series.  And, well, Renee O’Connor?  I would say she was the real subject of last week’s post.

Let me say, I love Renee O’Connor’s work, and I admire her initiative.  She has her own production companies which she apparently goes to great lengths to finance.  Good for her! In perusing her various ventures though, I started to feel a bit, as I said last week, dirty.  As I noted last week, Ms. O’Connor leads what can best be described as six-hour “self-help” seminars and hosts private luncheons which cost approximately five hundred dollars to attend.  The attendees are made to feel quite special as they are graced with the personal attention of their idol.  And therein lies the problem.  It feels like these particular money-making ventures take advantage of the affection of adoring fans and offer very little in real value.  The fan base for Renee O’Connor based on her Xena character, Gabrielle, and the fan base for her as an actress is impressive, and, ultimately, these luncheons and seminars seem to be no more than a clever ruse to extract money from these ever-loving fans.

So there it is, the gist of my original post.  I hope that I’ve filled in the details sufficiently.  And I hope that I’ve learned my lesson:  stop filtering so much!

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