PostHeaderIcon What’s Your Freelance Writing Platform All About?

By Terez Howard

You are a freelance writing mother. You have to take care of your children as well as maintain a household – a full-time job. You also have to manage a business, which can feel like another full-time job, whether you put in full-time hours or not. All of these duties are time-consuming and, at times, overwhelming.

When I feel the weight of task on top of task, I write an attainable list. It might be a list for the day or for the week. My lists include business duties, family-oriented chores or personal goals. A few weeks ago, I wrote a freelance writing plan for the next few months.

I was motivated by the article “30 Ways to Build Your Writer Platform.”  This valuable resource helped me get on track, rather than bouncing from one money-making plot to the next ‘guaranteed way to write and make cash’ idea.

I feel like I’m not just doing what I love, but also writing with a goal in mind. If you’re still trying to figure out how to market yourself, check out that article. As a busy mom, you cannot afford to waste your time.

2 Responses to “What’s Your Freelance Writing Platform All About?”

  • Jenn Mattern says:

    Hi Terez — I’m glad you found the post helpful. 🙂 Setting goals and creating a plan is really a winning combination for freelance writers of any kind. Best of luck with yours!

  • tehoward says:

    Thanks. Honestly, I have found your entire blog to be very helpful to me. It’s given me the motivation I need to pursue and maintain a successful freelance writing business.

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