PostHeaderIcon Interview with Don Rath Jr. (Part 2) Don Emphasizes Social Media’s Important Roll In Business

Terez: Welcome back, Don. In case anyone missed Part 1 of my interview with Don, check it out here. Now let’s talk about social media marketing. What tips would you give to business owners getting their feet wet in social media marketing?

Don: The most important message here is to not get wrapped up in the idea of being “social” in the sense of friendship. You are a business, so act that way when you are involved with these outlets. If you want to be social, then you can also create a site with that in mind. Learn about and use the Fan Page on Facebook and other pages of a similar nature so you can implement and promote your business. Think of it as a glorified calling card. Use it with the same business focus as you would any advertising outlet but with the social media idea (networking) underlying your effort. Again target your pages, graphics and other media to telling your unique story and stay true to your brand. All of the marketing ideas need to be tied to those two ideas. Also, remember to provide valuable feedback and certainly post valuable content on these sites. Involve yourself in the sub-groups too, as here you can be more specific to your preferred marketing niche.
I would also suggest putting links on your own website that lead to your social media sites and landing pages. If people like what you have to offer they will click through and either “Fan” you or “Friend” you on your social media sites. 
Also place your website links on your social media pages. Link, link, link is magic when it comes to a broad based Internet presence.

Terez: Why do you think social media marketing is important to today’s small business owners?

Don: Not to undermine anyone’s intelligence but we are all people. People connecting to people are what social media outlets provide to anyone who wishes to partake of them. People (buyers) buy from people (sellers), mostly from those people they like. Social media gives us that outlet. The advent of the Internet makes social media possible unlike ever before. It’s more than just a fad, and it is a viable marketing strategy to use to improve your sales and to strengthen and increase your networks. I think a professional and friendly presence on social media sites enable all businesses to gain new business or at least new prospective business. This article is a prime example of that. It is the result of my Internet presence as well as yours. We never met in person however this interview comes to us from being social creatures and business people too. Hopefully we will each gain from this while at the same time your readers will gain too. Now how cool is that?

Terez: Very cool! I think you have provided my readers with a wealth of valuable information. Do you have any last words?

Don: Thank you for giving me a chance to help more people and specifically your wonderful audience. Hopefully something I have said here will provide an answer to a question someone may be struggling with or cannot find the solution to otherwise.

Create a marketing plan designed to potentially give you the results you seek in your business. Each component of your plan should be studied, learned and implemented with the thoughts of its individual purpose and its purpose in the overall marketing plan, this purpose being understood. Take action! Take all of the action required to fulfill your marketing plan. In reality, nothing happens until you do something.Godspeed and thank you, Terez, for the opportunity you have given me. To your readers – thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this lengthy interview. I truly hope it has helped you!
More information about Don Rath Jr.: He is the President and CEO of StringTunes a privately owned music publishing company. He is also a prolific music composer writing for the stringed instruments and small group ensembles. His websites are and

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