PostHeaderIcon What I Learned From My Toddler: What Is Your Security Blanket?

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By Terez Howard

Micah has a green blanket. She’s loved that blanket ever since she was a little baby. Even now, my toddler presses the embroidered bears to her nose, fingers and toes.

“Why do you do that, baby?” I ask her.

“The bears are cold,” she says.

“Do you like that they’re cold?”


Your calming blanket

You are a business person. You don’t have the need for a security blanket with cold bears on it. What you do need is something that calms you in the worst of situations. You will experience trials, errors and bumps in the road with your business. How will you respond?

Some people can get right back on the horse and ride away. People like me, who are less adventuresome and perhaps a bit more emotional, might need a breather. If you get a hateful comment on your blog or you can’t seem to please your client and need to let out your frustrations, try the following:

  • Take a break. Get away from your workstation for a moment and return when your confrontational attitude has subsided.
  • Take an online break. Visit some websites or blogs that offer you humor to cool your anger.
  • Exercise. That burst of adrenaline needs an outlet.
  • Talk it out. If you can, vent to your spouse or another listening ear. Get all the craziness out to someone else before you decide how to handle the matter properly and professionally.
  • Lastly, take a breath. Sit back and just breathe.

My toddler teaches

Micah is extremely attached to her blanket. It relaxes her. You might not have just one object or tactic that relaxes you. But it’s worth trying to find something to soothe your frustration so you don’t needlessly lose business.

What is your security blanket?

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