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By Terez Howard

It was probably about a year ago. Micah had gotten out of the bath, and she was playing with an empty shampoo bottle. She cradled the bottle, sang it a song and tucked it under a towel. She was putting her baby to sleep.

Nowadays, she tells me that she is going to have a real baby when she gets older.

Pretend play and your future

I’ve heard that pretend play is great for a child’s budding imagination. It gets a kid’s brain working in ways that will aid her in school and even the workplace.

I’ve also heard that pretend play is wonderful for business owners. It’s not called pretend play, though. It is positive visualization. You see yourself where you want to be. Bianco TeRito suggested you Bring Your Vision to Life.

Your future might include obtaining a lot of money or acquiring many, many things. But for me, the future I see is more like my daughter’s. No, it doesn’t include a shampoo bottle or another baby. It is about family.

We’re not rich. We’re not equipped with the latest gadgets. We’re not traveling the world. We are together, and we are happy. That’s what I see. How does my business come into play?

Simply this: I don’t spend so much time with my business that I forget the most important people in my life.

My toddler teaches

Micah may or may not have children when she gets older. It’s far too early to tell. She’s just 2. What I do see about this tiny human being is her unreserved love for family. That is a quality worth cultivating.

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