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By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Ten Challenge:  This involves two or more participants.  This was accomplished with the assistance of three others.  A theme is pulled randomly from suggested themes.  Starting with a different participant each time, each writer composes one line for a poem.  After the poem has been enhanced by each writer, that poem is completed and a new theme is drawn.

Participants:  Juan English, Ethan Howard, Terez Howard, and Jael Strong

Poem 1:
Blueberries taste sweet but stain my white socks.
They taste quite tart yet don’t hurt my heart.
And oh!  The birds, the birds, the birds . . .
I can’t stand those little turds.

Poem 2:
That’s what she said!
That’s what he said!
That’s what they said!
I had an epiphery.

Poem 3:
Here our dreams are mostly grey
Where the tiny gnats around us stay
I wish they all would go away
What a world, what a world, why our world?

Poem 4:
The chunks of beef and carrots and gravy
Smell like something that was in the privy
Dizzy, the tin was crackling the bike bell
Like Sally when she was lost.

Poem 5:
The place we go where “the friends” gather
Where the crazy kooks chatter and clatter
And the light sings like Mantovani
And everyone is mellow like Yanni

Poem 6:
No matter what you do, they get wrinkled and tattered
Because, because it is useless to resist
The pull, the pull, oh the pull
I love it.  I hate it … a conflict.

Poem 7:
Purple…I saw you walking in the
Woods with colossal mammoths towering, grey
The way, the whey, the curds and whey
Like a spider, a spider, a purple people eater

Poem 8:
Projectiles tossed with such fury into the bubbling fountain.
Quarters, dimes, nickles, pennies
Worthless, useless; a church in the sky
With diamonds…with pie.

My blurb:  Have a suggestion for the next Twenty Minute Creativity Project? Feel free to forward your ideas to me!

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