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By Jael Strong

I recently had an unfortunate conflict with a client.  I had encouraged a client to invest in a long term contract rather than contracting per service even though she was reluctant to do so due to projected scheduling conflicts.  The long term contract would benefit both of us  since it guaranteed my workload and thus I was able to reduce my rates to suit her financial needs.  I told her that I would be flexible with my schedule and she acquiesced. Things went smoothly for some time until we hit a glitch and were unable to agree to a convenient timetable that fit both of our needs.  Ultimately, she said, “I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to the long term contract!”

That simple statement sent me reeling.  How could one scheduling conflict cause a person to forget all of the positives?  Was our working relationship so bad that a small bump in the road would cause her to want to call it quits?

I had a problem:  This happened on a Saturday and I would have no interaction with this client again until the following Tuesday.  I had nearly a full four days to obsess over her statement and obsess I did.  I beat myself up for not being more accommodating.  I fumed over her inappreciative, insensitive comment.  One moment I worried that I hadn’t done all that I could and the next I didn’t care one bit if she never wanted to work with me again.  In the end, I was most frustrated because she had ruined my weekend!

Days passed.  The next time we spoke, she was sweet as sugar.  Of course!  I had spent four days in misery and she had made her comment and then forgot about it.  I wish I knew that she was going to do that! The problem is mine though and the lesson is simple:  Stop obsessing.  Clients, family, friends, our neighbors, they all say something from time to time that eats away at us like rot from the inside out.  Letting it occupy our every thought is a waste of energy and, ultimately, it has no lasting benefit.  I should have enjoyed my weekend rather than giving it over to worry and obsession.

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