PostHeaderIcon The Disgusting Truth About Comments

By Jael Strong

Oh, look!  How exciting!  Somebody has commented on my post… “Very good information.  I have looked for long era for good information this.  Keep write more like this.”   Sadly, I click it off, duped into exuberance once again by a false commenter.

All of us crave feedback for our writing.  Especially when we are starting out, we want to know that somebody is reading and that they cared enough to comment.  So, when we get the “Great post!” or even some sort of misspelled nonsense, we get a little giddy.  Then we realize, these people haven’t read our post at all!  They just want a spot to place their links and we are the mules they are using to carry their goods.

Believe me, it is a sad day when you realize that those comments gushing with praise for your outstanding artistry aren’t real. You feel a bit foolish for ever putting faith in them. I know I do at least.  I feel goofy for responding.  I feel silly for getting excited, but I’ve decided to deal with it, and here’s how:

I’ve decided to keep track of the particularly misspelled ones for entertainment purposes.  Hey!  They might not be genuinely interested in what I have to say, but at least I can indulge in some high comedy.
I’m not going to waste my time on stupidity.  I’m looking for the real comments, people who enjoyed what they read and want to contribute.  If it’s not real, then I’m not going to dignify it with any extra thought on my part.
I’m not going to waste anybody else’s time.  When I read a blog post that entices me to comment, I’m going to put forth the effort to let the writer know that I actually read the post.  No, I am not going to say, “I actually read this.”  I am going to make sure that my comment is specific enough and definitely relevant to the writer’s post.  I want writer’s to know that I really did read what they wrote.  It’s the only right way to comment!
I’m not going to give up.  So, it is disheartening to know that so many comments aren’t genuine.  I look forward to the real ones, the ones that encourage or start a conversation.  I’m not going to let false-commenters get me down.

So, if you are a victim of the counterfeit comments, take heart.  I promise, there are real readers out there that will leave valuable feedback.  Keep a keen eye out for those ones and don’t let the  phonies get you down.

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