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By Terez Howard

So, you want to write a business blog. Congratulations. Not everyone sees the value of a business blog, but you know that a business blog is a part of operations that will add value to your services or products.

You have a great advantage with your blog. You already have a topic. Your topic is your business or non-profit organization. So, if you run a credit union, you can use your blog to show the public your involvement in the community. If you head an educational institution, you can use your blog to provide helpful resources to your students as well as to showcase your students’ achievements. We’ll talk more about topics later.

Today, we will discuss how to set up a blog.

  1. You have the option of adding your blog to your current website theme or creating a link that takes readers to a separate blog url. If you choose the latter, you will also have to purchase a domain name.
  2. You can go to and purchase a domain name for $9.99 per year. Be sure to pick a name that relates to your business, and remember that your blog is not a sales pitch; it is an informational resource. Keep this in mind when choosing a name.
  3. Next, go to Here, you will find a free software program which allows you to create your own blog. All you need is a web host. (You can get an idea of some hosts that work in conjunction with WordPress on their site). Download the software to your machine.

Tip: If you run into any problems with installation, contact WordPress or your web host.

Another option: If you don’t want to have a domain name, you can go to and set up a free blog without the software. The advantage of the software is you can add plug-ins (such as for social media) to enhance your blog, and without it, you cannot do these things. In addition, without the software, you will a .wordpress attached to your domain name.

Once you have WordPress, you can get started blogging. But maybe you’re not too natural when it comes to the computer. Someone I know is afraid that clicking on things will break the computer. Let me assure you, that will not happen.

On Friday, I’ll talk about some WordPress basics to get you feeling less like a roving stranger and more like a well-established pro.

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