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By Terez Howard

It seems so basic. There is the napkin in front of her. My nearly 3-year-old has greasy fingers from a plate of French fries. She looks around with her fingers extended, as if she wants a napkin, but then wipes her mess onto her shirt.

No sooner does she use her shirt as a cloth napkin that I remind her of the napkin in front of her. “Use that to clean your hands,” I tell her, pointing to the napkin right next to her plate. She uses it.

WordPress basics

We adults have no trouble using napkins. But at one time, we too were little children with no idea what table manners were all about. We were told and taught over and over again.

On Wednesday, I promised all you blogging beginners a few WordPress basics. You might have to come back here to remind yourself of what to do. It might take a little getting used to. But you will soon feel comfortable with this simple program.

  • Add a new post. After you log in, check out the left hand corner of WordPress. There, you’ll see a posts category. If you click on the drop down menu, you will see “add new.” You can type in your title, the body, categories, tags and even schedule to your post to appear later.
  • Changing the look. If you would like a new theme, go to the appearance category. If you’re using, then you will have a limited number of theme templates to choose from. If you have the software, you also can choose from the templates, find a free or paid theme from another website or you can have a custom theme made by a designer to suit your blog.
  • More pages. If you want to add a contact page, about us page or the like, click on the pages category and “add new.” This page will look similar to a post, except it will appear in your menu.
  • Backing up your blog. If you have WordPress software, you will need to back up your blog. That way, if you ever lose your blog, you will have a back-up copy on your machine. Click on the tools category and choose “export.” You can filter what you want to export by dates and authors. I always export everything every couple weeks, in case I lose my work.

These are just a few basics that will get your blog started.

My toddler teaches

My daughter, Micah, knows how to use a napkin proficiently. You, too, will learn WordPress basics with practice. Do not fear to play around with the program. That’s how you learn!

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