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By Jael Strong

Today, I went to a water park with my family.  We deliberated over whether we should go or not because there was a chance of rain, and, while the temperatures had been in the nineties, today it struggled to stay around eighty. Ultimately, we decided to go.  Yay!  So, we packed our kids, food, and towels, bemoaned the cloudy skies, and arrived around noon.  Knowing there was a chance of rain and noting the park’s rain check policy, we safely guarded our ticket stubs in case the park closed early and we needed to exchange them for free tickets for a future day.

We had a great time.  There were passing clouds and a bit of rain at about one o’clock, but the sun was persistent and the possibility of rain kept large crowds away.  So, we were happy.  At about five o’clock, the deluge began. Everyone scurried for shelter and as we cowered for the downpour, we heard the voice overhead announce that the park was closing (a mere one hour earlier than the scheduled closing time of six o’clock) and that rain checks would be issued.

We were thrilled!  We had spent an entire day at the park and now, due to this early evening inclement weather, we were entitled to another day of fun in the sun.  We retrieved our securely protected stubs and headed to the exit when I noticed something.  Other patrons hadn’t treasured their stubs.  They hadn’t valued them and now these stubs were drowning on the ground, soaking in the rain.  I snatched them up and used them to obtain two extra tickets.

I know this might not sit well with some, but I take valuable lesson from this.  First, it’s good to venture out even when the forecast is gloomy.  Second, even if something seems insignificant, it may be your ticket to success; safeguard the small things.  Third, don’t be shy about snatching up an opportunity because if you don’t it will either be wasted or someone else we see that opportunity, grab it and run!

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