PostHeaderIcon The Twenty Minute Creativity Project: Do You Know Your ZYXs?

By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Fourteen Challenge:  In twenty minutes, create a unique piece of fiction.  Start each word with a different letter of the alphabet, starting with Z and moving back through the alphabet.  Start your timer!

Zacharias Yaft’s x-rays were virtually unreadable.  The surgeon recommended quick periumbilical operations.  Nonetheless, medical litigation killed justifying immediate hospitalization.  Gastrointestinologist Frank Elderly candidly balked. 

A zealous Yaft, x-rays, withal, vanished.   

My blurb:  Have a suggestion for a creativity challenge?  Please, feel free to forward it to me!

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