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By Terez Howard

When I ask Micah to sing her ABCs for my mother, she may or may not actually do it.  When she feels good and ready, she will sing her alphabet, and my mother may or may not be around.

I now understand something that my sister always said about her daughter.  Tiffany said, “Ana’s not a side show at the circus!”

I used to think, Who’s saying that she is?  But I presently realize that my sister was saying that she could not force her daughter to perform on command.  No one likes feeling forced into a performance.

Your blog is not direct sales copy

When you write on various topics in your blog, remember that it is not the place to directly advertise your business.  You should not include post after post that is a coupon to your services, a special for your product or a sales pitch for your business.

Instead, your blog is a place for readers to glean from your expertise.  If visitors to your blog feel like they aren’t gaining anything from your blog, they will leave you in cyberspace and never come back.

I say that your blog is not direct sales copy.  However, by offering your readers usable information, you are indirectly advertising for your business.  You see, if you line your blog with obvious, constant sales copy, your readers might be turned off before they even see the value your business can provide.

My toddler teaches

I know I cannot force my daughter to sing any song for anyone, even though she sings and dances constantly around the house.  When she feels like it’s her decision to perform, she does it readily.  Give your potential customers the respect to decide whether or not you are right for them, without forcing sales copy into your blog. 

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