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By Terez Howard

A business blog is a great way to share updates and tips with your potential customers.  We’ve already talked about a business blog’s goal.  Now we are going to discuss three reasons you should link to other people’s blogs.

1. Comprehensive information.  By linking to other blog’s that further explore your post’s topic, you give your readers deeper insight to a particular idea.  William Safire so wonderfully wrote that a blog will “take the reader around the world in pursuit of more about a topic.”  The more thorough your writing is, the more likely readers will look to you as an authority source.  You’ll be the girl with all the answers, or at least the girl that can find them.

2.  Forge relationships.  Jennifer Mattern talked about link-building campaigns, where your content links to other blogs.  This gets other bloggers, perhaps more established writers, noticing your work.  These links could break the ice for networking.

3.  Returning the favor.  As you reach out to other bloggers, you just might find that they too want to return the favor by linking your blog to theirs, thus giving you more traffic.

If you’re wondering how you can filter through all the garbage on the Internet to find link-worthy, high quality content, John Jantsch reviewed about a dozen ways to do this.

There is no hard and fast rule about linking to other people’s blogs.  You might just include one link or five.  There may be no links at all.  The important thing to remember is that you provide high quality content no matter what.  That is the foremost way to retain readership.

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