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By Terez Howard

I get my daughter ready for a day out.  My toddler is becoming quite independent, demanding to dress herself.  So she struggles to get her shirt over her head and find her sleeves.  She takes several minutes to get one leg per pant leg in her shorts.  She slides her feet into her shoes.  Finally, she’s done.

“I did it, Mama!” Micah says.

Before me stands a child with dissheveled clothing, shorts twisted to her side and shoes on the wrong feet.  I take a moment to commend her, and then ask her if I can have a turn putting on her clothes, so I can straighten her up a bit.

When you need an editor

You’re running your own blog, and I think that’s wonderful.  You write all your own content, quite a feat in today’s hectic society.  But what are readers saying about you’re work?

If you haven’t gotten much response yet, maybe it’s time to ask for some.  Ask some relatives and friends to check out your blog and give an honest review.  If they say you have:

  • Frequent misspellings
  • Poor use of punctuation
  • Incomprehensible thoughts
  • Confusing language,

You just might need to hire a second pair of eyes.  An editor/proofreader can help you to get your point across without taking your voice away. 

I’ve been focusing a lot on high quality content lately.  This doesn’t only mean that your topics are interesting, but that your post is grammatically discernable.  It has to be easy to read.

You don’t always have to hire an editor, though, especially if you write fairly well.  A willing friend might be all you need to give a look over at your posts. 

It might also help if you edit your own work.  At the very least, read over what you write.  Some like to print out a copy and mark changes.  Seeing it in print might help you see your mistakes.

My toddler teaches

My little girl needs my help getting dressed, whether she’s ready to admit that or not.  If you need help proofreading your work, don’t be ashamed to ask for it.

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