PostHeaderIcon Where Do You Find Support For Your Blog?

By Terez Howard

If you write/run your own blog, I believe it’s safe to say that you cannot do it alone.  You might write all of your own content, find all of your pictures, video, audio and links.  You might do all of the marketing for your blog.

On the other hand, you might hire people to do some or all of these tasks.

But how do you keep yourself motivated?  Who do you turn to for help?

My favorite place to find support is in the LinkedIn group Bloggers Helping Bloggers.  Here, you can feed off of other bloggers who are running a blog and give your two cents.

Here’s what I want to know from you:

Where Do You Find Support For Your Blog?

You can talk about where you have found:

  • Topic ideas
  • Marketing ideas
  • WordPress support
  • Successful discoveries
  • Anything else!

About the author

Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility.

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17 Responses to “Where Do You Find Support For Your Blog?”

  • I really wanted to keep this a secret! But alas, I cannot if I am to answer the question honestly. I don’t really get writer’s block often, I use a VA to proof some of my posts, I enjoy finding my own pictures. What keeps me motivated about blogging is the conversation with readers. That doesn’t always meet my expectations.

    The best place for support for my specific blogging need of having that blog conversation through comments in through a group on LinkedIn.


    I suppose your readers would want the name of the group? It’s Bloggers Helping Bloggers. Oh; you may want a link?

    I was actually paying for a Blogging forum and wanted the same thing without any luck. And then along came Bloggers Helping Bloggers! Excellent support. And the discussions cover all of what you mentioned others might want to discuss.

  • I find support from my proofreader, who isn’t able to keep up with me since I write randomly at times.

    I’m participating in a 30-day Ultimate Blogging Challange… which is challenging me to write more often, although I don’t write on the weekends.

    And the best blogs and articles come from me listening to myself talk; or clients ask questions. In fact I tell my clients that when a client asks a question, blog about it.

  • thoward says:

    Maria, That sounds like quite a challenge! I hope it works out for you.

  • thoward says:

    Patricia, I love Bloggers Helping Bloggers. It’s such a wonderful way to bounce ideas off of people and get the support you need.

  • Good Article.

    We blog everywhere possible and find that blogging keeps you in the loop.

    We still need to get out there though and its a constant battle.

    So much time is needed to blog each day to various bloggers.

  • Good Article.

    We blog everywhere possible and find that blogging keeps you in the loop.

    Chocolate Downunder belongs to so many social media outlets and takes
    constant ideas to keep blogging about something interesting.

    To all the bloggers out there may we all have successful outcomes..

  • Susan Oakes says:

    Hi Terez,

    I also agree about the bloggers group. I also have a group of other people from Twitter for example that I can bounce ideas. Having a wide interest level helps as just observing others, listening and being curious about life and business leads to many ideas for topics.

  • Spring says:

    Thank you Terez for this great question and helpful sharing! Also thanks for Patricia and Maria for sharing your secrets!

    I started blogging since the beginning of this year, so I’m still exploring the more effective ways. I’m always a self-motivator, especially after I became a life and leadership coach with more focus and time on valuable thoughts.

    Currently I mainly share my blogging through LinkedIn network and my group on it: “Spring Magic Life Society – Love Wisdom Happiness”. I also use LinkedIn function to share on Twitter as well. Facebook will be in my next step. Besides of social media, I will look forward to more live networking time and opportunities including events so I could have more face-to-face connections and sharing.

    I will check out the Bloggers Helping Bloggers group as you recommended. I also hear that news release through some PR websites could help express blogging. Let’s keep this exploration and sharing!

  • thoward says:

    Yeah, Chocolate Downunder, blogging does take time. But it is well worth it, isn’t it?

  • thoward says:

    Susan, That’s what I like to do! I review my day or week and think, “How can I apply this to my blog?” Life lessons have a lot to teach.

  • thoward says:

    Spring, you have a great plan! I like that you are going step-by-step with your blogging journey. It can be overwhelming when we see all the things we could and perhaps should be doing with our blogs. Taking one or two things at a time is enough.

  • I love the bloggers helping bloggers group. I have been a member of other groups and they do not work as well together.

    I get many ideas from the comments that people make on my blog. This week I have written 2 posts based on comments made the week before. I also read lots of blogs and get ideas from them.

    Maria, I am doing the blog challenge too. It has helped me come up with unique posts.

  • Mainly get my inspiration from the news, what I read as well as my experiences of working with international relations all over the world.

  • I agree that LinkedIn is a great place to find support and motivation. I also find a lot of ideas from the comments that are left on my blog. I have the CommentLuv plugin on my blog. So, I follow a lot of links to recent posts from many of the readers who have left comments. Lots of times I’ll see something on their site or read a post or comment that triggers an idea. Next thing you know, I’ve got an idea.

  • Drew says:

    If you’re like me you will find the support forums and articles on are dryer than the Sahara. Usually they are so far down in the weeds that I doze off before I arrive at the salient point. Believe it or not, I turn to Youtube for WP support issues. The vids are high level and touch on the practical solution/application. I have solved every problem and have had my questions answered by watching someones posted video. It has been a Godsend.

  • thoward says:

    Drew, I use YouTube all the time! But I never thought of using it in relation to my blog. I don’t know where my head has been. You have a wonderful idea for me!

  • Terez–

    I stay in my lane as master content developer and chief marketing officer of my blog

    My virtual assistant Sonia Schenker helps me managing the schedule of my blog, she copy edits my content, finds the pictures and connects all links. My co-host for #Smallbizchat also posts one blog post a week as well. It’s a three-man job.

    It takes a village to manage “SmallBizlady’s” blog.

    Melinda Emerson

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