PostHeaderIcon The Twenty Minute Creativity Project: You Know, For The Kids

By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Fifteen Challenge:  In twenty minutes, create a piece of fiction for children using characters suggested by a non-participant.  Start your timer!

“What do you think it is?” asked Robot, lifting Helicopter high above his head.  “I think it is for getting across the lake.”

“I don’t care what it is Robot.  I need to get out of here fast!  I’m broken and we’re lost.  Please get me out of here,” Helicopter cried.

“I’m not lost,” the giant Robot responded.  “I can see our tents from here.”

“But that’s miles from here,” said Helicopter.

“But I can see them just the same.  If I can see them, then we will be there soon and they will repair you.  But first, we need to cross this lake and I think it can help.”  Robot, lifting his left leg, heavy and huge, prepared to step on whatever it was poking out of the lake.

All the while, Hippopotamus listened quietly to the two talking machines.   He didn’t care what they were because he could not eat them and that is what he wanted to do.  He wanted to eat a nice tasty salad.  Hippopotamus began to feel panic though as the huge Robot lifted his leg to step on the poor hippos head.  Hippopotamus started to open his mouth in protest, but realized that he had never spoken before and did not know how to do so.  Dejected, he waited for his end.  Fortunately, Helicopter intervened.

“Wait!” shouted Helicopter.  “You can’t just step on that without knowing what it is.  It may be a trap and we will be captured.  Or it may be so soft that we will sink into the lake and our circuits will be destroyed.  Don’t you ever think?”

“No,” said the Robot. 

“Then I will think for the two of us,” replied Helicopter.

“If you are going to think, can I put you down?  My arms are tired,” said the Robot.

“Robots don’t get tired,” said Helicopter.

“I’m tired just the same,” said Robot as he gently placed Helicopter on the bank of the lake.  Robot creaked and squeaked as he sat himself down and stared into the bulging eyes of Hippopotamus, not able to compute what he was seeing.

Many minutes passed, Helicopter quietly contemplating a plan, Robot quietly contemplating the hippo, and Hippopotamus quietly contemplating when the two machines would leave for as long as they were there he could not eat.  No, he could not eat with an audience about.  As night descended, Helicopter began to whir with delight for he had concocted a plan.

“Lift me up, Robot!  For I have concocted a plan!  You will step on that lump in the water with your left leg and with your right leg you will step on the other shore of the lake,” Helicopter excitedly explained.

Robot lifted Helicopter high above his head and prepared to step forward as he said, “That was exactly my plan hours ago.”

“Don’t fuss about it.  Never have you devised so great a plan.  Why! You told me hours ago that you do not think!” exclaimed Helicopter.

“That is true,” said Robot.

Hippopotamus, seeing his demise was imminent, was terribly regretting not having tasted one last meal.  Though it was not his nature to speak, he saw the great Robot foot descending upon him and decided that he must speak.  Opening his mouth wide, Hippopotamus uttered his first sound.  It was not a word, but a loud noise that shook the trees.  No, he did not speak, but the desired effect was achieved.  Robot was so startled by the clatter created by his beloved bump that he quickly dropped his heavy foot back onto dry land, turned about, and ran miles in the opposite direction, leaving Hippopotamus to enjoy his grassy meal.

My blurb:  Have a suggestion for a creativity challenge?  Please, feel free to forward it to me!

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