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By Jael Strong

In addition to being a writer, I am also a private music teacher.  In an effort to expand my student base, I have recently attempted various marketing techniques.  I am delighted to say that my recent endeavors have paid off.  Over the past three months, my student numbers have more than doubled.  It is only logical that the strategies that I have used in this area would also work in other business areas, such as freelance writing.  So, I have decided to sit down and analyze what worked and why. Here we go!

Where did I begin?

The first thing that I did when I set out to expand my business was ask myself a simple question:  Where am I now?  Depending on your field of expertise this question can mean many things.  In my case, it meant, how many students do I currently have?  In the field of freelance writing it could mean, how many continuous clients do I have or how many paying writing assignments do I receive on average monthly?  The question could be tailored to suit any given field.

This is a vital first step in developing a successful marketing scheme.  Why?  Consider this analogy.  Let’s say that you are having a dinner party and you know that you have some refreshments on hand, but you are also aware that you will need more.  If you go to the store without taking stock of what you already have you will be in danger of either spending too much money on unnecessary items or not purchasing enough for your guests.  Wouldn’t it be simpler to take a count of what you have so that you know exactly what you need?   Making this determination before setting out to expand your business will save you from wasting pressure energy and resources, and will keep you goal oriented (More on this next week!).

Once I determined how many students I could reliably count on as continuous students, I was able to see more clearly where I wanted to be, how much I wanted to expand without becoming unwieldy or having my teaching encroach on other pursuits.  Knowing where you are is the only way to begin the journey to where you want to be.

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Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

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