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By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Sixteen Challenge:  In twenty minutes, write a piece of fiction based upon a premise provided by a non-participant.  The work should have exactly three paragraphs with exactly one hundred words in each paragraph.

Premise:  a beach with a bowling ball on it (Start the timer!)

The local boys whom Ulysses had befriended tossed pebbles at the bedroom window of the beach house until Ulysses awoke from his deep sleep and drowsily joined them on the beach to stare at the bowling ball.  Ulysses thought the location of the bowling ball was very strange.  It was just like he had been told,  a basic black bowling ball with faded white letters was nestled in a bowl of white sand just beyond the trees.  The boys had noticed no one new about.  So here they were, intently examining the ball that appeared out of nowhere over night.

There were five of them gathered on the beach.  Euclid was quiet.  He mainly grunted.  Tony was short, ruddy, and spoke excitedly to Ulysses about how he was the first to see the ball.  Buford was a bit slow and mean-spirited, which accounted for the way he reacted when he decided to kick the ball; his foot in agony, Buford walloped Euclid. Blink was smart.  They all knew it, but he wasn’t cool like Ulysses.  For that one shortcoming he wasn’t the leader. Ulysses took that title, for he was taller than the others and came from a faraway place.

Ulysses sat in the sand.  Resting on the ball, he spoke,  “I know where this is from.  You wouldn’t know cuz you ain’t from faraway places, but this is a great weapon used by Grunts.  They are the horriblist creatures you saw.  I shoulda knowed they’d show up for they come from the sea.   They got huge talons  and they’ll eat you fast. They’re quiet too.  That’s how come we didn’t hear it.  Last night was a great battle here.  We know the grunts must’ve won cuz right here is their great weapon and tonight they’ll come to claim it.”

My blurb:  Have a suggestion for a creativity challenge?  Please, feel free to forward it to me!

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