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By Jael Strong

Last week, I mentioned the steps I have taken to increase my private music studio.  A logical first step is knowing where you stand.  Once you have deciphered where you stand, you can’t just wait for your business to grow.  You have to take steps to move forward.  The only way to progress toward a goal is to have a goal in the first place.  Your goals must be reachable, and your steps must  be clear cut.

How do you decide what goals to set?  Imagine that you are lost in a thick wooded area.   As you look around you, all that you see are trees and dirt; no clear paths are apparent.  While it may be your ultimate goal to make it out of the woods and back to civilization, that goal will be impossible unless you take a first step in the right direction.  So, you ask yourself:  Which direction is home?  While I am surrounded with thickets, which area seems less dense, more penetrable?  What tools do I have on hand that will get me moving in the right general direction?

How does this apply to freelancing?  While you can and should have a clear image of where you want to be ultimately, that ideal is not going to get you started.  After taking stock of where you are, you must decide what small steps will move you in the correct general direction toward that ultimate goal.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

If you haven’t yet earned a single dime, make it your goal to get one paying gig.

If you have had some success, make it your goal to get a steady writing job or a slight increase in assignments.

Not everything is monetary.  Make it your goal to make at least three new networking connections in a given week.  These will pay off in the long term.

If you devote a set amount of time toward your business, make it your goal to increase that time by an hour or so each week.

These small steps will give you the confidence to continue as you conquer one small hurdle at a time.  These are not goals to reach and linger on.  As you reach a set of small goals, establish new ones that move you toward that ultimate goal.  Keep the big goals in mind as you celebrate the small victories.

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Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

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