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By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Seventeen Challenge:  In twenty minutes, write a play around the premises set by an outside party.

Number of characters: 3

Setting:  a church, Saturday afternoon

Topic: Salamanders

Father McCauley:  It isn’t really appropriate Sister.  I’m sure if I think about it long enough, something better will come up.

Sister Joann:  Not appropriate?  Didn’t we see one last night, slithering about?

Father McCauley:  Hmm?  Last night?  I don’t recall.  Are you sure about that?  Perhaps you are thinking of someone else.

Sister Eleanor:  After supper, we did see one slither under Sister Joann’s bed, but it was just that one.  And we were there for three more hours at least, and didn’t see any more.  If it was a big problem, you would think we would have seen more after so many hours had gone by.  Right Sister?

Father McCauley:  Three hours, you say?

Sister Joann:  Discussing prayer and the like.  And I’m sure if you had been paying attention, Sister Eleanor, you would have noticed several more of those vile creatures slithering about.

Sister Eleanor:  But I was paying attention Sister Joann.  I cared so much for your welfare that as I passed Father McCauley in the hall I informed him of how disconcerted you are over the creature slithering about it your room.

Sister Joann:  Vile creatures!

Father McCauley:  In the hall?  After ten?  Perhaps you are thinking of someone else.

Sister Joann:  Disgusting, slithering about!
Sister Eleanor:  No, Father!  It was you, just outside of Sister Joann’s room.  Just as I left, you appeared.  Perhaps you were going to her?

Father McCauley:  Going to Sister Joann?  As you were coming out?

Sister Eleanor:  Perhaps to hear her file a complaint regarding the slithering she experienced in her room.

Father McCauley:  Quite right.  Perhaps.

Sister Joann:  Oh, those nasty slithering creatures.

Sister Eleanor:  It is terrible what goes on in there!

Father McCauley:  Terrible?

Sister Eleanor: It disturbs her so.  She rarely can sleep on account of the slithering.

Sister Joann:  Those children!

Father McCauley:  Children?!

Sister Joann:  The children.

Sister Eleanor:  There, there.  Sister Joann feels certain that the children have brought those disgusting creatures here.  And that is why they were slithering about.

Sister Joann:  Abominable what goes on in there.  The children!  They slip them under the door, I think!

Father McCauley: Abominable.

Sister Joann:  Disgusting, slithering things!

Sister Eleanor: Go on in there, and I am sure you will see one for yourself.

Father McCauley:  Into Sister Joann’s room?

Sister Joann:  Not now!

Sister Eleanor:  To see the creature slithering about.

Father McCauley:  Perhaps it would be appropriate.

Sister Joann:  Not now!

Father McCauley:  Perhaps it would be appropriate, Sister.  The sermon should certainly be on the topic suggested, the disgusting creature, or creatures, slithering about in Sister Joann’s room.

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