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By Jael Strong

So, you know where you are and you don’t like it.  You know where you need to be, monetarily. You know how much money you need to suit your current lifestyle and budget.  But if your goal is monetary, there are many paths that lead to the bottom line.  What you need is, not a dream built out of green paper, but a dream made of what matters to you.  And that could be anything!  So, grab a pen and paper and start answering the difficult questions.

What is most important to you?
What makes you smile?  What makes you laugh?  What makes you happy?
How much time do you want to spend “working”?
How would you spend your ideal day? With whom would you spend it?
What would you sacrifice (Cable?  A new car? Cigarettes?) to achieve your ideal life?

Notice, the answers to these questions will be different for everybody, but none of them are based on money.  True, when you are building a new business, money is a concern, but in reality the way to shape a dream is to look at what matters to you and how you want to live your life.  Money is not the answer to building your dream, but a tool to achieving your ideals.  Along the same lines, whatever business you choose to develop will not bring you lasting satisfaction.  Building a business around what matters most to you will lead to satisfaction and, done right, will give you the incentive needed to push ahead toward your dream.

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